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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/20/09 03:44 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I have a smoked amber that I brewed maybe 2 months ago on tap now. 50% rauch, 50% dk munich. Smoke comes thru nicely but not nearly as much a fresh Schenkerla. Color is nearly spot on with the commercial version slightly more brown and less amber compared to mine. i didn't use any roast so maybe a tiny bit is the color key.

Brewed up a wild rice steam ale a few weeks ago that just went to secondary with about 5% wild rice and the rest pils with steam and kolsch yeast and just finished up a rye pale last night as well.


05/20/09 05:52 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I've got a F. Red souring and a quad in secondary. I recently bottled a pseudo-wit that used a large portion of oat malt.
Chris Kennedy
05/20/09 06:11 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I think the best part about Schlenkerla's Helles is that they use NO rauch malt in it. The smokey flavor in their Helles is from their brewery being so inundated with smoked malt, not from the grain bill.
05/20/09 06:32 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I have all the ingredients together, plus Al B's "Rodenbugs" to brew a Flemish Red, but my luck has been bad so I haven't had the chance yet. I have 1.5 IPA dry hopping right now, and a batch of Al's Bugfarmed Pale Ale in secondary for a while now, plus various other Brett experiments chilling out in different bottles.

I'm about to brew my first Lager, I think I'll do some kind of Rauch as well. That's an awesome story about Schlenkerla's Helles!

05/21/09 09:34 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Hmmmm . . . . do I smell perhaps a smoked lager swap some time in the Autumn?
05/21/09 11:42 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Oh yeah, Ray & I have 10 gallons of flanders in secondary that is 7 months old that was done with Roselaire yeast. It is smelling amazing, but it needs some more acidity. We're going to dose half or the entire batch with sour cherries from the neighbor's yard in June.

Also, we have a saison in secondary that is truly testing my patience! On Sunday we are going to brew a big hop bomb of an IPA, using a percentage of homegrown hops from my buddy in San Diego.

06/09/09 11:01 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
After finally clearing up some keg space, I'll be brewing a kolsch style ale on Wednesday. Then I'll probably brew a pale with my neighbor buring the weekend.
07/02/09 05:08 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Not brewing as such but I've just last week added the fruit to my two first lambics.

They had a definite funky sour flavour going on, but I decided not to leave one plain in the end.

One has figs, the other has mixed berries.

There's a brand here I've used before for fruit beers, raspberries, blackberries, wild blueberries, red currants and black currants

I'll be bottling / kegging them soon :)

Al B
07/02/09 01:46 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Just finished off a mega brew day last Sunday -

An abbey single using RR Damnation yeast AND 9 gal of Brett brew.

Leaning towards a Berliner next using "Al's Berliner blend"

07/02/09 02:06 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
The Smoked Maerzen discussed above is now lagering away . . . .it's looking drier than I had desired, for some reason I ended up with like 80% attenuation from the WLP833 Bock yeast despite pitching and holding at cold temps.

Just started up another batch of Perkuno's Hammer-inspired Baltic Porter with the repitched yeast. Beans, beans, baby.

Josh G
07/02/09 02:29 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I have a Bruin that I added Lactobacillus to around April and a Golden that I added Lactobacillus as the primary fermentor around the same time.

This past weekend I brewed a Belgian Rye as a brewing demo at a local beer festival (we used a mobile solar panel water heater). It was initially going to be a Saison, but I couldn't get my hands on any Saison yeast in time. I may add Brett B depending on the FG. The current fermentation has been aggressive so I may save the Brett for a less attentuated beer.

07/02/09 03:44 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I have two sours in secondary, a strong red and a raspberry sour. For both I took some late runnings and, without boiling, added some oak soaked in a starter with Cantillon Kriek, Grand Cru, Girardin dregs and B. Lambicus. I blended this portion in for secondary and so far both batches have been producing some wonderful smells. The sour portion had a bright, firm yogurt-like acidity.

I also just got a starter going for SDVP yeast for a saison likely to be brewed next week.

07/03/09 11:59 PM  
Re: What's everyone brewing?
Interesting. Tim, did you harvest the Dupont yeast from bottle sediment?
07/04/09 01:04 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Brewed 11 gallons of Red for a sour and 11 gallons for a blond sour.

The carboys will get some RR bugs in two and Lost Abbey's in the other two. The first yeast is a blend of WLP530 and Wyeast 1007.

Then fruit in 2 of them.

07/06/09 10:46 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Erik, yes, Dupont yeast was harvested from the bottle sediment. It only took one bottle's worth to signs of activity in a couple days.
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