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05/13/09 08:12 PM  
Orval Yeast Questions

Forgive me if this has been posted before, but searching for Orval did not give an exact match.

I plan to brew a 5 gal batch with the following:

10lb Castle pils

8 oz Aromatic

8 oz Special B

mash at 150

I have 100-125 ml slurry that I grew from a bottle of Orval. I was thinking of using it for 100% of the ferment. I would like some thoughts on this? should I try it, or use another yeast first?

This is my first attempt at using yeast cultured from a commercial beer, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am also thinking of using EKG, and SG for hops.

I do not want this to be an Orval clone...so please do not evaluate the recipe as such.



05/13/09 09:58 PM  
Re: Orval Yeast Questions
I say go for it! I remember CripPFrey gving a talk at the Baltimore NHC a few years back were someone had successfully cultured yeast from the dreggs of Orval and used it for primary fermentation. I would expect Brett to be the dominate yeast in your slurry.

I've only used the dreggs at bottling time to add the characteristic Brett Orval finish to my Orval clone. I never used it for primary myself. But again, GO FOR IT.

05/15/09 05:22 PM  
Re: Orval Yeast Questions
CB, your post is a little confusing in that you say you searched for 'Orval' here, but then later that you are not looking to 'clone' it. So I'm not sure what your goal/question is exactly . . .

FWIW, I would echo WS on the Orval dregs. I have successfully cultured them up and added to the secondary of a 'clone' recipe. Even with only 2 weeks in the secondary, the brett was VERY prominent. For my taste, having that much character solely from what I understand to be the B. Brux. strain was too much - overly horsey, quinine-like, "urinal cake", etc.

But of course this was in the secondary working from 1.013. For any info on B. Brux as the sole fermentor, I would defer to Al B, SteveG or one of the other "brettanoscenti"* here . . .

* literally "those who smell of the barnyard" :-)

05/21/09 03:31 AM  
Re: Orval Yeast Questions
I'm drinking a brew right now that the yeast came from the bottle yeast dregs of Oval it's one of the few beers I've made worth bragging about. The recipe looks good. I would add a 8oz of wheat but that's just me. I think it helps head retention and mouthfeel.
05/26/09 06:40 PM  
Re: Orval Yeast Questions
Well, I brewed it as stated above.

Moved it to secondary and it tasted great...not too funky but I can definately tell it was a brett ferment. Was down to 1.010 (start 1.062), hoping to get it to 1.007/8.

Going to bottle half and put half on oak for a few months.

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