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05/13/09 10:15 AM  
All Brett C. Ferment
I brewed an all brett c. beer on Sunday, and based on the research I did I decided not to make a starter or aerate the wort very much. I pitched sunday evening and as of this morning I saw no active fermentation. I read that the Homebrew Chef when he brewed his all brett a. beer did the same procedure as me and saw active fermentation within two days.

So, my questions are do I give it more time (another day or so)? Do all Brett fermentations not look anything like sacc. fermentations? Or should I pitch another strain of sacc. into the wort as to not let this beer get infected with something else?

Any suggestions, advice, etc. is greatly appreciated.

05/13/09 11:32 AM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
Jeff, you should hit our archives, tons of relivant info. In short I'm not surprised in the least you've had no activity, nor would I expect you to any time soon.
05/13/09 11:37 AM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
Agreed. On the very first 100% brett beer I did, I made a small starter, and did areate, and I still saw a several day lag time. Don't recall how many off the top of my head, but it was at least 3-4 days, if not more. After it got going, it did pretty much look like a normal sacch brew.

It will be slow going, especially with a small pitch/no O2.

05/13/09 02:20 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
Someone I know tried to replicate my all brett Berliner which fermented out in 4 days. She just made a conventional starter then pitched that. Activity took nearly 2.5 months.
05/13/09 02:35 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
Holy frijoles! Actually, I think I remember reading about that. Yeesh. I'd flip.
05/20/09 11:03 AM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
Hey Jeff,

Each strain available acts differently and the same strain acts slightly different each time given the exact conditions. For the fermentations I've done you really need to get a starter going. You need to get the cells in an active growth phase and as the growth is starting to peak and slow then pitch into a fermentation. This is how it is done in brewing and it is the professional way to do it, not only the correct way. I found at about 75-80 degrees this is about 7 days of propagation needed to get cells to right stage to pitch for a fermentation. Professional yeast companies when propagating the yeast use aeration and slight amounts will proceed fermentation along immensely. It is probably important to get 8-10 ppm (a good minute burst with oxygen or a couple of minutes with air)as the yeast needs oxygen to produce lipids to use during growth.

05/20/09 02:02 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment

Thanks for the info, I have been following your project, very cool. I finally got fermentation going about 3 day after pitching, and it was very different from the traditional krausen. It was less dense and smaller, and the bubbles formed were much larger. At first the aroma was of canned veggie soup, but after being out of town for the weekend I came back and it smelled of sour fruit so I think I am on the right track. Anyone else have similiar fermentation by products using all brett?

05/28/09 09:02 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
So I tasted my all brett c., all amarillo beer today and took a Hydrometer reading. The beer tasted nice and tart, with a nice tart funky aroma. I didn't taste the hops all that much, but it had a strange harsh bitterness on the finish. I know the beer is young, only 18 days old. Has anyone had any similiar results on early brett beers? The OG was 1.054, and the gravity today was 1.011.


05/28/09 09:57 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
Hey JeffB,

I would say your on track with the fermentations I got off Whitelabs brett c. The canned veg almost a canned corn like aroma for the first few days (making you think you have an infection) but it subsides as the fermentation progresses. Most of the strains did this for me but I also believe it is due to the wort used also. The harsh bitterness will subside once you condition the beer and should blend itself in well.

You going to bottle in a couple of days or rack into a secondary and condition for sometime?

05/29/09 12:39 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment

Good to hear. I used the Wyeast Brett c. but they probably have similar profiles. I am planning on conditioning longer, then bottling. I was originally planning on waiting 2-3 months. Should I rack to secondary or just leave it in the primary?

05/29/09 02:15 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
A few friends brewed an all Brett C pale last year and stated that it was great for the first few months, then went down hill.

I am wondering what others have found?

05/29/09 02:50 PM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
I haven't had any issues with quality degridation. I entered an all Brett C blond ale that I brewed over a year ago into the NHC this year and while it didn't place, it sill got a good score and feedback. I think it was a 35 or 37. While the beer is not my favorite (hence why I still have it), it's far from bad and doesn't have any quality issues. Just not my taste.
06/03/09 12:24 AM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
So I think I will leave my beer in the carboy for another week or so and then bottle and or keg. I have never bottled a brett beer, so what are other advice, especially a youngish all brett beer?
06/03/09 11:41 AM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment
In my experience you can bottle it like normal. When used as the primary yeast brett doesn't really supperattenuate like it can in secondary. Probably more so with Brett C.

Hey Jeff, are you entering beers into the SD fair this year? If so, I have an all brett C beer being entered. If it doesn't place, we can enjoy the BOS bottle ourselves. Might give some contrast to yours. : )


06/04/09 12:01 AM  
Re: All Brett C. Ferment

Good to hear about the regular bottling procedures. That will probably happen next weekend as I have to make room for my Orval-type beer.

I missed the sign up for the fair by 5 minutes and they would not budge to let me enter. Bummed, but I will just have to brew more beer instead. I would still like to compare the two beers next time we all get together...hopefully that will be soon.

Thanks all for the help everyone, I am getting addicted to this board

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