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Chris Kennedy
05/05/09 08:55 PM  
Cornies as Fermenters: Tips?
Hey guys.

I am just getting into brewing sours, and want to get as many going at a time as I can. I quickly exhausted my 2 carboys (one glass and one better bottle) with a lambic and a flanders red. Seeing as how carboys and better bottles (and even buckets locally) cost more than corny kegs, I was wondering if folks here had much experience with aging sours long term in them, and any tips and tricks they had for doing so?

I want to use the kegs for both initial fermentations and secondary, long term aging.

I was thinking of simply cutting the diptubes about .5-1 inches and attaching a blowoff tube to the bare post.

For long term aging, would a blowoff/airlock be necessary, or could you simply seal the keg and occasionally purge the pressure via the pressure relief valve? What is the effect of higher than normal dissolved CO2 levels on Brett and other bacteria?



Rob B
05/05/09 09:45 PM  
Re: Cornies as Fermenters: Tips?
I wouldn't primary in them simply because they only hold 5 gallons, assuming your doing 5 gallon batches. While I haven't secondaried a wild beer in cornies I have lagered several times. You could always rig the top for an airlock. I have done the burping method for lagers but not sure that would suffice with wild bugs still working in there.

Chris Kennedy
05/05/09 09:51 PM  
Re: Cornies as Fermenters: Tips?
Losing a small amount of potential space is well worth it to me for the large savings I face. I already have about 12 cornies, so if I really want a larger amount of beer, I will just make 8-9gallons and ferment them in 2 cornies.
tripel beam
05/06/09 02:24 AM  
Re: Cornies as Fermenters: Tips?
Where do you live? I'll trade you a couple carboys for cornies. I'm in the bay area.
Matt Savage
05/15/09 08:31 AM  
Re: Cornies as Fermenters: Tips?
Look in the BYO mag from like 2 months ago. It shows you how to use a cornie for a fermenter. It basically says attach a gas out disconnect and attach a hose to that. Then run the hose into a bowl of sanitizer and you are done.
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