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04/24/09 04:05 PM  
To Aerate or not to Aerate?
I'm going into my first 100% B. Brux beer in quite a while. The first one wasn't good! So I want to do things right this time.

This is going to be a 5 gallon batch of low-grav beer, like 1.037. Basically a berlinner weisse base with 2-4 oz. sauer malt added so the brett can convert the lactic acid to ethyl acetate.

Any advice on ferment temps, pitch rate, and aeration levels? I'm looking for clean, fruity, tart, with a little funk, but not band-aid or too horsey.

I was going to do a 1 qt. starter on a stirplate, and then step it up with another 1-1.5 qts.

I was going to ferment at 70-72 and I'm not sure about whether I should aerate the wort or not. If I do it will be by shaking. I'll probably let it ferment for a month or til it's done.



04/25/09 08:28 AM  
Re: To Aerate or not to Aerate?
I would aerate as normal... Some newer data suggest that it will make no difference but other older data contradicts. I have been aerating to about 10ppm for a 12 Plato brew.. Think it is good for the initial growth phase before the fermentation kicks off.

I'll respond to your email soon.. and be more detailed!

When are you going to brew?


04/25/09 05:36 PM  
Re: To Aerate or not to Aerate?
Thanks Chad. I'll aerate by shaking so I think that will put me at a fairly low ppm, like 8 ppm.

I should be brewing this wednesday evening. Just checked the starter and looks totally fermented out.

04/26/09 09:24 PM  
Re: To Aerate or not to Aerate?
when I made the 100% brettC+brettL I did aerate like a normal batch.


04/27/09 01:01 AM  
Re: To Aerate or not to Aerate?
I read that when Sean Paxton (The Homebrew Chef) made his all brett a beer, he did not aerate, make a starter, or add yeast nutrients. Maybe this explains your lack of pineapple or other fruity/sour flavors or aromas.
04/27/09 09:55 AM  
Re: To Aerate or not to Aerate?
"I'm looking for clean, fruity, tart, with a little funk, but not band-aid or too horsey."

In that case I'm not sure WY brux is your best bet (and I've heard, but don't know for sure, that WLP brux is similar to WY brux). Of the strains I've played a lot with, to me this is the horsey-est and highest risk of bandaid. (Though the most medicinal "wild" beers I've tasted were made with WLP sour mix.)

04/27/09 10:23 AM  
Re: To Aerate or not to Aerate?
Well, the starter is already made, so I'm going forward on this with the B.Brux. Worst case scenario is it's a drain pour, and I can live with that. I think with a big pitch, moderate aeration, and moderate ferment temp I should be ok. We'll see!
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