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04/21/09 04:06 PM  
Acids and sleepiness
Just wondering.... anyone found/seen any info on what kind of effects that specifically the acids found in funky beers have on the brain? Ie., the tranquilizing effect that hops add to beer...

I ask because I've noticed that every time I drink a bottle of my berliner weiss, which is quite acidic, but very low on alcohol and hops, it makes me very sleepy. Just wondering if those kinds of acids have been shown to have a similar effect as the chemicals in hops which give them their sleepy qualities....or something otherwise.

04/21/09 06:46 PM  
Re: Acids and sleepiness
Well, the acids themselves are very unlikely to have any psychoactive effect, but many other byproducts of funky yeasts could.

The aldehydes, of which there are many in beer (especially funky beer,) are of particular interest.

For instance, acetaldehyde, when digested by those who regularly consume alcohol, can form compounds with neurotransmitters called Tetrahydroisoquinolines (THIQs) that have opiate like effects.

Regular consumption of alcohol is necessary to cause the liver and brain to create this reaction, but it's quite possible for folks like us (I'm assuming you drink regularly.)

There are a whole load of other aldehydes and esters (read: solvents) that could have effects of their own and/or alter the alcohol's psychoactivity.

Regarding the type of beer....the funkier the beer, the more strange byproducts the yeasts produce.

04/22/09 11:22 AM  
Re: Acids and sleepiness
Good to know. I was going to post something about the tenticle that began to sprout from my chest after Als funkhouse party, but I think this explains it!!
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