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04/20/09 12:52 PM  
Pure Fantome Brett Culture
Has anyone else worked with this? I brewed the "singularite" recipe from "Wild Brews" over the weekend -- 88% pale malt, 8% wheat, 4% acid malt, low hopping. Took about 24 hours and it's going like mad! Smells great too!
Scott R
04/20/09 04:47 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I have had some experience with this. I used it as the primary strain on a blonde ale of sorts. It was a very furious fermenter and it finished quite a bit low gravity-wise than most of my beers do. It has bee aging away in my fridge. This strain, for me, seemed to produce some diacytl or something that tastes a lot like it. I call it the butter beer. This is fading somewhat over time, thankfully.

I am in the process of using it as the secondary strain on an old ale. I will be comparing the results to WY old ale blend sometime next year. (I just racked to secondary last week.)

04/21/09 09:19 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I had no idea what to expect when using it for Primary, as I have only used it once before for secondary, which has produced some interesting results -- some great aromas and even a bit of tartness as time goes on. I was pretty shocked when a very intense krausening occurred after 24 hours and the fermentation is still totally rocking! I wonder where the "butter" comes from, I haven't sensed that yet from smelling the fermentation, but it still smells a bit hoppy, so we'll see. Crazy yeast!
04/21/09 12:56 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
mrb, where did you obtain this 'pure' culture? From Al B or another bug-wrangler? I had been under the impression that Fantome's beers involved both Sacch. strains, brett and lactobacillus . . . .
Scott R
04/23/09 06:27 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I didn't have any butter in mine until after I kegged it. Pretty much the whole time up until then it was very clean tasting.

When I used this as a primary fermenter, I split my batch and added oxygen to one and did not on the other. To tell you the truth, I'll have to check out the other keg...I'm not sure which version I've been drinking.

Interestingly enough, both beers fermented to the same gravity in the same amount of time. The main difference was the fermenter with oxygen had a huge krausen on it while the other one had virtually none.

Al B
04/24/09 11:08 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture

The Fantome brett was from me. I wa sable to isolate it from Black Ghost from all sorts of other bugs.

I've used it alone and in the secondary and never had any hint of butter. It is fruity though, slight funk, slight acidity - a terrific brett (this and WY lambicus are my favs).

04/24/09 11:42 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I have used this strain, too, and have had good results using it at bottling. Indeed, this was the strain I used for bottling on our last Saison swap. No butter, but a nice level of acidity and fruity aroma as it aged.
04/25/09 08:25 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
Hey Al,

Have you had Blanche from Fantome? I finally opened the bottle and was a bit disappointed to find it flat.. Anyways it had a nice brett distinction to it so I collected the dregs and will be serial diluting them to try to culture up the bugs within. Did you find just one brett strain or a few? Anyways I'm looking forward to trying to culture up some new brett. What do the colonies look like which you cultured and what media did you use?


04/25/09 05:07 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
Hey guys - yeah it was from Al B. It's been in primary for about a week, will probably transfer it in a few days and condition it for a few weeks and then keg it and let it chill until it gets that tartness you guys are talking about.
Al B
04/25/09 09:09 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
<<Did you find just one brett strain or a few?>>

There were 3 at that time - the other 2 were evil.

<<What do the colonies look like which you cultured and what media did you use?>> Colony morphology of the good brett I kept did not look much different than most yeast. I don't remember microscopically (media was malt agar).

04/26/09 07:41 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
"There were 3 at that time - the other 2 were evil."

I just dumped some dregs into 5 gallons of a Quad with some Brett B.

Crossing my fingers the evil ones didn't live in the bottle I had!!

04/27/09 09:43 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
Al, by "evil" do you mean the gates of hades open whenever you get even a tiny bit in your beer, or do the flame-eyed hounds of hell only pursue you when you attempt a primary ferment with these strains? Was the Fantome good, or had it turned?
Al B
04/27/09 11:15 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture

It was the latter. They were in very small amounts from the sample I pulled from the Black Ghost. The bottle of Black Ghost was terrific, so I was a bit taken aback by the demonic pestilence erupting from the test-tubes of those other 2 bretts. Evil, I tell ya, pure evil......

04/27/09 11:35 AM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I've gotten some pretty extreme horse out of fantome dregs.... a bit too much for my liking. I can only imagine what a beer primarily fermented with whatever gave that flavor would be like.

I have however fermented with fantome dregs and also gotten the pleasant herbal flavor with good sourness.

But those were shot in the dark dreg additions... not pure isolates.

04/27/09 09:00 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I contributed that to my first attempt at a brett-only fermentation (3 pounds mild malt, 5 pounds house-malted spelt [another first over here], 2 pounds unmalted rye -- double decoction mash).

Smells promising, plan to bottle soon.

Thanks Al.

05/03/09 04:24 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
After two weeks in Primary the beer is down to around 1.025. I transferred it to a keg where I'll be secondarying it for a few weeks at cellar temp -- I'll post back with results! I also saved a few white lab vials full of slurry for this, so I'll probably use it for secondarying a different beer in the future.
Chris Kennedy
05/15/09 09:48 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture
I know this is fairly unrelated to the topic, but do all Fantome beers have the same bugs in them? I am particularly interested in the supposed "super" lacto that supposedly resides in the bottles. I have a BWeiss at 1.004 that hasn't soured up for some reason, and I want to give the weak lacto from WL some assistance. I have access to:

Black Ghost





De Noel

Would they all suffice, or would one be more likely to have a good strong lacto culture in it than others?

Al B
05/15/09 10:18 PM  
Re: Pure Fantome Brett Culture

This has been a topic way back when. I haven't been to Fantome (others have), and I've done a few reculturing from a few bottles. All in all, there is no rhyme or reason what bottles or what seasons have lacto or brett.

Second, you've also touched on a long standing Berliner topic of not achieving enough lactic acid using the available blends.

For the short term, you can try any of the bottles listed -fresher the better. I'm collecting some lactobacilli for a Berliner blend as a new project.

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