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04/18/09 10:03 PM  
Kefir Beer
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Marshall and I recently was given this board as a great resource for making all sorts of funky stuff. Let me say, in the few weeks I've been lurking around I have got all sorts of great information. On to the kefir beer.

I had an interest in using some cheese cultures in a beer for a while now. I was looking around and saw someone had mentioned using some kefir so I decided to go for it. Due to lack of funds and a huge desire to make one as soon as possible I just went for a one gallon batch. I decided to go for a super simple recipe just to see what this kefir would do. Started with 2lbs Belgian Pale(long story short the mash went terribly wrong) I needed some more sugar as my gravity only came out to 1.017 so I searched the house and found 1lb of clear belgian candi sugar hanging out so I figured why not. I added about 3/4lb of the sugar, 4oz lactose and a 1/2oz of hallertau for 30 min(I only did a 30 min boil as I was so dissapointed with the mash and didn't want to put too much more time into this one.) Pitched the Kefir in at about 85 degrees and threw my electric blanket around it. If you couldn't tell by now this was a very sloppy, see what happens, never be able to recreate sort of batch. I came home from Beer Wars the following night(Thursday) and the Kefir had taken off. Yesterday and today the kefir is going crazy. Not sure what's going to happen but at least it's fun! My next batch with Kefir will be much more thought out and hopefully things will go smoothly and someone can learn something from it.

04/19/09 09:04 AM  
Re: Kefir Beer
What was your gavity after adding 1.75 lbs of sugar? Seems like it could have doubled.
04/19/09 01:43 PM  
Re: Kefir Beer
Oh I wasn't very clear, I only added .75lbs of sugar. I didn't even take a hydro reading. But if my calculations are correct it should have been under double by a bit. I broke like every single one of my rules for this one. I was a bit ashamed with myself to be honest but it's smelling nice and tart. I think it will turn out well. I imagine fermentation should be done soon with as crazy as it's going so I'll let you know how it turns out.
04/20/09 10:02 AM  
Re: Kefir Beer
Thats a good way to see if those rules are really important! Along the way I have discarded a few "must do's".
04/21/09 01:32 PM  
Re: Kefir Beer
Well I racked it today after all signs of activity had stopped thinking it would be done but I am still at 1.021. I am wondering if it stopped because it's eaten through the lactose and it couldn't quite handle the candi sugar and malt or if it became too harsh of an environment for it? Or I suppose it could have just plain quit. No matter what happened it's definitely done what I want it to do. It has a very nice tart flavor, it's hard to get the exact character of the beer as it's still quite sweet but I think this will be good. I am making a dubbel tonight so I may just pitch some belgian ale in there to see if it will finish it up. Or I might just wait, who knows.
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