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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Rob B
05/08/09 09:09 PM  
Re: Will the
Too cool! I think this will go in a Flander's Pale I have been wanting to do. I have a Flander's Red that has been going since December.

I think with a couple flander's and then a normal brown I should be able to play around with blending a bit.

Rob B
05/22/09 10:58 AM  
Re: Will the
Just wondering the consensus on this one...

Will you most likely pitch just the vial? Ferment with another strain then pitch vial? Or make a starter from vial and pitch?

I am brewing a Flander's Pale ale with this and wondering the route I should take.

Al B
05/28/09 08:10 PM  
Re: Will the

What will be you batch volume? The first round of vials are alittle low in cell counts for 5 gal, I think. For 5 gal, pitch w/ a fruity yeast or make a starter.

I hope to prep a second round of bugs with the intent to be pitched directly into 5 gal. w/ out extra yeast.

But hopefully there will be some early feedback so any minor adjustments can be made.

06/02/09 08:05 PM  
Re: Will the
Brewed my Roselare Belnd (finally!) on Sunday -- I pitched Al's Vial plus one vial each of Wyeast Trappist and Abbey Ale yeasts which were each a month or so past due. Probably should have made a starter but whatever. Added some yeast nutrient to the boil so maybe that helped? The brew came in HUGE at 1.090! My system is insanely efficient, about 93% by my crude calculations. I need to adjust my spreadsheets because they're calculated for 80% and I keep getting "surprised" by the results. Anyway, the grain bill looked like:

5# Maris Otter

6.5# Vienna

3# Crystal Malt Mix (some English, Belgian, and American, mix of high and low, some red for flavor)

1# Flaked Maize

Hopped to 20 or 25 IBUs with some pretty old Northern Brewer pellets.

Mashed for 75 minutes at 153 or so, boiled for 75 minutes. Chilled down and pitched the yeast vials at 70 degrees. Vigorous fermentation around 36 hours later, it's really kicking.

After primary, I will rack to a corny keg and drop in some medium toast oak chips, and let it sit for about a year.

07/06/09 02:29 PM  
Re: Will the
Update on this beer a little more than 6 weeks later -- there's still regular activity in the airlock. It's been pretty warm in my basement, hovering around 74 pretty consistently. The beer has a small spotty pellicle on top, and has attenuated down to about 1.025 so far. The aroma and flavor are both tart, with a nice firm malt backbone. I think I'm going to rack it and chill it down and add the oak so it doesn't get much more tart. Thoughts?
Matt S
08/04/09 08:20 AM  
Re: Will the
Will there be a second round of this being sent out? I would love to try it. I could repay you with a homebrew, commercial brew or money what ever you think would be a fair trade.
Al B
08/04/09 08:49 AM  
Re: Will the
<<Will there be a second round of this being sent out? >>


After working up a 15 gal starter (that's not a misprint) for a local brewery, I have started propagating the base yeast for a 5 gal pitch. (of course this has pushed my Berliner blend back a bit - sorry mrb). But a 10 bbl batch of 3711 saison takes priority!


Matt S
08/04/09 10:34 AM  
Re: Will the
Awesome I know that there are probably people ahead of me on the list but if I could be added to the waiting list that would be great.
08/04/09 11:02 AM  
Re: Will the
Al B, If and when you get another batch ready to send out I would love to get some. I have only heard great things from your blends! I can do the same as Matt S. Thanks!
Josh G
08/04/09 01:28 PM  
Re: Will the
If possible I'd like to be added to the list as well. Thanks
08/04/09 04:07 PM  
Re: Will the
If I may Al, I would love to be in on the next one.

Brewed 10 gallons of Saison with 3711 last week. Really looking forward to it.

Five gallons is slated for bottling with 'brett.'

Al B
08/04/09 09:08 PM  
Batch 2
<<the waiting list >>



Mike Mraz


John A

Mark O (don't deny it this time)

BPotts (done)

N8 (long but not forgotten!)





Will post down the road when ready..........

08/05/09 12:25 AM  
Re: Will the
please add me if you have any room. I just racked my 18 month old WY lambic blend to keg last night.

thanks Al.


08/05/09 01:58 PM  
Re: Will the
Thanks again, Al. I've got some interesting stuff ready to ship out to you this time.
08/05/09 03:27 PM  
Re: Will the
I have a couple of beers to send your way as well. I would love the feedback even if I don't make the cut this time. How do we send you bottles?
08/05/09 04:05 PM  
Re: Will the
The list looks pretty deep already. Was wondering if I could be added as well?

I was also wondering whether you would be willing to send me a few slants of pure cultures as well? I am also a microbiologist with my own bug bank and you would certainly save me some time on isolating and purifying a few strains that I am interested in.

Al B
08/05/09 08:58 PM  
Re: Will the

We can discuss later on. I have provided extra cultures to those who surprise me with some amazing commercial brews, but it's not a mandatory issue. I'm still overloaded with various homebrews (thanks) as you've seen the other thread.

It's pretty hot outside too, so I'll post down the road for shipping things (ice packs are a pain & extra cost). Probably in Sept. for a post.

08/06/09 05:43 AM  
Re: Will the
My Red is still chugging along! Decided to keep it out of the fridge at somewhat warm basement temps -- the sourness is developing nicely!
08/10/09 09:52 AM  
Re: Will the
I would love to join the list Al!
08/10/09 04:51 PM  
Re: Will the
Al, I'd be happy to send along some sours and get some bugs in exchange, though I agree, we need to wait until temps are a bit lower.
Al B
08/11/09 07:09 AM  
Re: Will the

Do you have access to an identification system for bacteria (i.e. Vitek, Genetic or something)?


Did I just brew a Saison w/ ya down in Philly?

08/11/09 11:59 AM  
Re: Will the
Yes, I have indirect access to a genetic identification system. I can go into further detail if you would like offline.

Email: jowilki3@hotmail.com

08/17/09 03:07 PM  
Re: Will the
Al B

no you did not, I wish though!

09/01/09 05:00 PM  
Re: Will the
I would like to get in on this as well and have no problem sending you bottles.
Al B
09/29/09 01:55 PM  
Release the bugs............
It is time.

Al rodenBugs

Matt S
09/30/09 08:37 AM  
Re: Will the
sweet. Let me know if you need anything.
09/30/09 11:43 AM  
Re: Will the
09/30/09 01:37 PM  
Re: Will the
If is any chance of a "Waiting List #2(3?)" I would definitely be interested in joining that! I could send you some homebrew... nothing sour yet, my lambics & flanders red isn't quite ready yet!


09/30/09 02:28 PM  
Re: Will the

You can take me off the list. Now that Seanywonton lives in Portland I can just grab some of his.

09/30/09 05:01 PM  
Re: Will the

What to make!??!?!?!

Al, let me know what you need from me, besides a box O'brew!

Thanks Al.

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