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04/10/09 10:28 PM  
Help with mash temp.

i am doing a grisette as a lawnmower beer and I need some help with the right mash temp. It is light bodied as it is - which I want but not watery - and i will be adding the sugar in primary to get some dryness. I'm am thinking on a mash temp of around 152F. What are your thoughts?

1.047 sg

21 IBU

4.5 ABV

72.5 7.25 lbs. Pilsener

22.5 2.25 lbs. Wheat Malt

5.0 0.50 lbs. Soft Blond Sugar

1.00 oz. Willamette 60min

0.50 oz. Liberty 15min

0.50 oz. Liberty 0min

WYeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes

Rob B
04/11/09 10:13 AM  
Re: Help with mash temp.
Personally I wouldn't add sugar to a low gravity beer, I would just mash it at 149-150F. I have a recipe planned for a grisette also using 3522(my favorite belgian yeast).
04/11/09 10:59 AM  
Re: Help with mash temp.

Thanks RobB,

Another question(s): What will be your grisette's fermentation temp? Also what ferment temps for 3522 - depending on style - hits the "sweet spot" for you.


04/11/09 05:47 PM  
Re: Help with mash temp.
I have made a Grisette with a slightly lower starting gravity (1.044) and a similar grist, but without the sugar. I mashed at 147 and it did turn out too thin-bodied for my liking. However I was using WY3724, yeast-wise, so YMMV.

I would tend to support omitting the sugar and increasing grain if possible to maintain the OG, and mashing higher.

Rob B
04/11/09 08:12 PM  
Re: Help with mash temp.
I typically pitch 3522 at 65F and let it go up to about 72F for most of my belgians. To get a really dry finish, as a saison should have, I might let it go higher.
05/06/09 10:54 AM  
Re: Help with mash temp. - Rob B
Hey Rob B

Did you brew your grisette and how did it turn out?

I have just bottled mine SG 1.048, FG 1.008, mash 150F 90min, 1.5qt/1lb ratio, no sugar addition, WY3522, ferm. start at 66F finished at 74F.

It has not fully carbed yet but I suspect it will be thinner than I want, at 1.008 FG dyness/bitterness is evident. For my next go-round I will have to play with mash temp/mash time/water ratio.


Rob B
05/08/09 09:03 PM  
Re: Help with mash temp.
Not yet, been a little behind on the brewing last month or so. My kid has gotten into quarter midget racing and it has been occupying my time as of late.

The Grisette is definitely on my brewing list though. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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