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03/29/09 06:13 PM  
how to prime a Flanders Red?
Hello all,

Getting ready to bottle my Flanders Red... can I just add a neutral yeast for priming? Or will the acidity of the brew make that difficult?

Thanks for all of your help in advance.


03/30/09 08:18 AM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
How acidic is it? Like regular Rodenbach or like Rodenbach Gran Crue?
Mike T
03/30/09 09:45 AM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
If you are worried about the acidity use a wine yeast, they are cheap and very acid/alcohol tolerant.
03/30/09 10:41 AM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
I do fine with US-05 (rehydrated in water first) as a bottling yeast for sours
03/30/09 01:45 PM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
How long has it been sitting?
shaggaroo (aka beerprof)
03/30/09 02:19 PM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
OK good info all around I think.

Sean: not sure of the acidity, I'll check the pH tonight when I get home from work.

Mike: yeah, I guess I was worried about whether or not something like US05 would be acid tolerant

Baums: good to know that you've had no problems with US05

Steve: It's been sitting since last May and on sour cherries since last October... used the Roeselare blend from the getgo

03/30/09 03:47 PM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
I've never had a problem with priming yeast and acid, but off hand I think Mike's suggestions sounds pretty reasonable.
shaggaroo (aka beerprof)
03/30/09 05:31 PM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
OK so I just measured the pH and it's between 3.5 and 4. Mike's idea about the wine yeast sounds good, which begs the next question then... which one to use? any suggestions?
03/30/09 06:16 PM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
My recommendation would be Lalvin EC-1118, which is a very robust Champagne yeast that will work well at low pH (<3.5). Also, it has a neutral flavor profile. I keep a packet as my "in case of emergency" yeast for meadmaking. In a lot of ways, it is the US05 of wine yeast. You may want to rehydrate per instructions, since I don't know how well it will handle rehydrating in a low pH environment.
shaggaroo (aka beerprof)
03/30/09 07:02 PM  
Re: how to prime a Flanders Red?
Great David thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a winner.
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