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03/13/09 10:23 AM  
Brett and the big D
Does anyone have any info/experience with brett and diacetyl. Curious if it produces D as sach does and if it reabsorbs it. Also, more specifically, if it could reabsorb diacetyl produced by sach.

Have a barleywine that had some fermentation/attenuation issues, that shows a bit of diacetyl; was planning to add some brett C anyway, but was curious if it might be able to take care of the D present.


Rob B
03/13/09 12:38 PM  
Re: Brett and the big D
I am not sure how much diacetyl brett produces but I know it is great at getting rid of diacetyl. Pedio is a huge producer of diacetyl and it is highly recommended to pitch brett in pedio beers to remove the diacetyl.
03/14/09 01:21 PM  
Re: Brett and the big D
Yeast will naturally decrease diacetyl if it was caused by the yeast due to oxygens presence. This is what a "diacetyl rest" or warm condition is used for. So even if you add Brett you could see the diacetyl reduce due to Sacch yeast still present.

As for Brett going to town on diacetyl produced due to say Pedio.. well that is definitely observed but I don't know that a research has ever been done in which physiology of the reactions was observed and explained. Just seems to be what occurs the exact reason?

As for diacetyl production by Brett species it is unknown due to differences in physiology concerning NAD+ reduction with metabolism of acetaldehyde or lack there of. Due to being an aerobic yeast its physiology is different then Saccharomyces spp. So it functions differently. GC analysis would be an easy way to reveal its production levels. But not the physiological reason why it is produced.

03/16/09 10:51 AM  
Re: Brett and the big D
Brett would help with attenuation and Diacteyl, but so would a new pitch of fresh yeast at high krausen. So unless you just think it would be fun to do a barleywine with brett, it seems like a more logical choice to repitch a healthy yeast.
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