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03/12/09 03:50 PM  
Barrel Innoculation
Our local brew club has brewed two beers in a jack daniels barrel and are now ready to go sour. First, if you were to choose a bug to use, what would you choose as a matter of preference? Let's say we would do a Flanders Red. Second, what would be the best way to innoculate the barrel as a matter of practicality? For example, would propogating some Roselare or Lambic Blend from only a couple of Wyeast packets result in a sufficient pitch rate for a 55 gallon barrel?

Mike T
03/12/09 04:05 PM  
Re: Barrel Innoculation
We got a wine barrel flanders red started a few months back. We added 10 gallons of 6 month old flanders red (5 gallons soured with Roeselare, 5 gallons with red poppy dregs). The bugs have clearly gotten to work quickly, the beer is already pleasantly tart.

A member of my club, who won homebrewer of the year with his lambic, told me he sprung for commercial pitches of the various bugs from a yeast lab (I believe it was Wyeast) when he started his barrels. In wonder if they would sell you a liter of Roeselare.

Good luck, we have a bourbon barrel as well that will get inoculated as soon as we get a couple "clean" beers out of it.

03/13/09 10:19 AM  
Re: Barrel Innoculation
Or for economy's sake, what about maybe brewing a 5 gallon batch pitched with something like Roselaire in the primary, but the other batches could be brewed clean. Jhen you could just combine all in the barrel and let it get funky.
03/13/09 10:27 AM  
Re: Barrel Innoculation
We innoculated some barrels with the 1-3 bbl pitch size from white labs (into a saison that finished a bit high - 2.5plato). Took forever to notice any activity, but now, creeping on a year, they are pleasantly funky and tart.
03/14/09 06:57 PM  
Re: Barrel Innoculation
We pitched maybe 8 packs of Roselaire into a wine barrel. The sourness is there and its continuing to gain.

we primaried it out of the barrel first though witha neutral strain and then transferred to barrel and sour pitched.


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