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Rob B
03/10/09 09:31 PM  
Freezing Yeast
So I have been doing some research on freezing yeast with a water/glycerin mixture. Most of my research has been on the web.

My question is would this work for wild bugs? I assume it will for brett but what about the different types of bacteria?

Rob B
03/10/09 09:38 PM  
Re: Freezing Yeast
I plan on building up my own yeast library and was wondering if anyone has the Wyeast 3726 in their personal library. I am interested in using it before it comes out again this summer. I would compensate anyone for their time.
03/11/09 11:15 AM  
Re: Freezing Yeast
From my experiance most bugs freeze quite well. Sorry, don't have any of that yeast.
Al B
03/11/09 03:00 PM  
Re: Freezing Yeast
Assuming you have a -60 to -80 freezer, yeast & bacteria store well in 15% glycerine solution.

I have 3726, but I would have to prop it up. Unless someone else has some already, I'll look into it.....


Rob B
03/11/09 06:05 PM  
Re: Freezing Yeast
It is my understanding that several people have had success with normal freezers by protecting the yeast from the auto defrost cycle. However, I will be placing them in a manual defrost chest freezer. But I am not sure how cold those go.
Al B
03/11/09 07:31 PM  
Re: Freezing Yeast
It sounds like a fine line. Glycerine solution will need a lower temp. than water, otherwise it might be alittle "slushy" - which may be OK if that's the case, but for how long is trial and error I think.

good luck.

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