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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Brian Richards
02/27/09 10:22 PM  
small corks
I just got done bottling 10 gallons of flanders red and I used my new champagne corker to insert the corks in all of my old Belgian beer bottles. Worked beautifully. I want to try and find some of the smaller corks that you would find in a say a Lindemann's bottle. I would like to used them for a lambic that I brewed...with no influence from Lindemann's mind you. I was planning on corking the bottles and capping over them. Anyone else package lambic this way? Should I just say screw it and cap them all and not worry about it. I plan on hanging onto them for some time.
03/01/09 03:13 PM  
Re: small corks
I would just use regular wine corks. I believe Lindeman's uses composite corks (made up of little chunks left over from making the high-quality solid corks), and similar corks should be available at just about any homebrew/wine shop for something like 50 cents per.

Personally, I've always wondered why some breweries bother with both cork and cap; I would think that the cap would reduce any micro-oxidative effects that a cork might have. Perhaps it is to develop "musty" flavors?

03/02/09 11:05 AM  
Re: small corks
I cap with 29mm caps and don't worry about it.

Sometimess a tiny bit of beer does seem to seep out around the caps when I carbonate to massive levels, and create a sticky little blob on the side of the cap. But even in these rare cases the bottles seem to remain highly carbonated "forever." To avoid the rare blob, maybe I'd need a better capper or better caps, but anyway as far as the beer goes it works fine.

Mike Mraz
04/07/09 01:58 AM  
Re: small corks
Like Mallace said use a wine cork, I have done this and it work great.
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