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02/13/09 12:14 PM  
Brett pure cultures
I have some Brett I cultured from dregs onto MYPG agar and there is two different yeast colony formation on the plates. One appears to be Brett and the other Sacch. I streaked with single colonies to try isolating each. Seems to have worked.. But I was looking through literature and the only thing I can find to selectively culture Brett is adding 10ppm cycloheximide(actidione) into the MYPG agar. I have seen an article by Goose Islands microbio team that they selectively culture for Brett with Copper Sulphate agar and use WLN to differentiate when they have mixed culture with Sacch showing up as little green colonies from the Brett which grows as larger white colonies. But I can't find any thing about these two methods on-line..

Does anyone have any recommendations or things they have used to select for Brett when in a mixed yeast culture?

Al B
02/13/09 03:08 PM  
Re: Brett pure cultures

Go to the Siebel Institute of Tech web page, then look for lab services/lab media. The methods are attached.


02/13/09 07:07 PM  
Re: Brett pure cultures
Thanks Al, I had previously visited there and read over the .pdfs which offer little to no explanation as to what their products are actually made of..I find them to be of no help to brewers, only money grubbers.. Of course I can say that as I have University lab material at my disposal.. I'll stick with cycloheximide and see how it goes.

I found a good bit of info just now in "Brewing Microbiology" on cycloheximide and WLN agar and Lysine agar on page 380 to 382 if any one has that...

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