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02/10/09 03:28 PM  
6-way Experiment w/Brett & wild cultures, aged on
Just looking for some feedback/suggestions on an experiment I am doing:

I made a 6 gallon batch of "Mugwort anti-imperial stout", similar to a medieval English strong ale braggot. Instead of using hops, I used mugwort as the bittering herb, and a variety of other herbs and spices for flavor and aromas. Its all in this recipe: http://www.gruitale.com/rec_mugwort_stout.htm

Original Gravity was 1.096.

I fermented with the suggested WYeast Scottish Ale.

Gravity at the end of primary was 1.030.

I probably should have made a starter, but I didn't, so I had less than perfect attenuation. Still a potent brew, though.

After primary, I split it into 3 x 2gallons to do a 6 way experiment.

-Left 2 gal. as a control. This will be split into two parts. 1 gal. will be aged on oak cubes, and 1 gal. without oak.

-2 gallons inoculated with WYeast's Bret. Brux. culture. One gallon with oak and one without.

-2 gallon inoculated with WYeast's Old Ale Blend (from their current Private Collection Series) which brought the gravity down to 1.025 within a few days. The Old Ale Blend is also supposed to contain some Bret, which will of course take a while to act. Both of these gallons I will age on oak. BUT for one of the gallons I created a wild lactic starter, which I am going to pitch into it shortly.

Lactic starter consists of:

1 cup of the beer which it will infect

1 cup of boiled Mollasses water

A few drops of a commercial raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A few drops of a farmer friend's wild cider "vinegar" (a failed attempt at hard cider)

A few drops of sauerkraut brine

A large crumb of a sourdough bread

A dab of a fermented oatmeal porridge I eat for breakfest when I'm in a hurry

Right now this lactic starter has been culturing for a week, and I am going to pitch it back into the beer it will infect in a few days. I expect the aging for all of these will take around a year. Hopefully it will be ready to enjoy by the winter solstice 2009 party.

Any advice or critiques would be appreciated.

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