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Happy Feet
01/31/09 12:06 PM  
Wort chillers
Looking at buying a Shirron plate chiller, can get one for around $85 US. Seems like a good deal. Has anyone tried one out? How does it work? Also, any idea where the best price is to buy one?


Rob B
01/31/09 01:30 PM  
Re: Wort chillers
That's the one I have and it works pretty good. In the summer I usually have to put a prechiller on the water supply but I live in New Mexico.

MoreBeer has it as the deal of the day with 2 left right now for 74.95 and free shipping.


Happy Feet
01/31/09 03:55 PM  
Re: Wort chillers
Talk about timing!

Thanks Rob, I picked it up.

Any suggestions on using and cleaning would be much appreciated.

Seanywonton (Sean White)
01/31/09 05:16 PM  
Re: Wort chillers
This might be a little hyprocritical of me since I use an immersion chiller, but I would definitely be very careful with your cleaning regimen!!!

Run hot PBW through both ways after using, and cycle boiling water, wort, or both through before chilling.

Rob B
02/01/09 09:57 AM  
Re: Wort chillers
As for cleaning I hook up my pump and pump star san through it when I have about 5 mins left in the boil, then i cool my wort and then run star san through it in the opposite direction after cooling. About every 3rd batch I will run some PBW through it but PBW can eat away the copper if left in contact for too long.

The key is keeping hops out of it!

02/01/09 12:47 PM  
Re: Wort chillers
I love my Shirron Plate Chiller! It cools wort down very quickly. Cleaning immediately after use is important as bits of trub can easily get stuck in there. Having a screen on your kettle outlet helps a lot, too.

I use iodophor through mine before and after use, but you can also boil the whole thing. Nice piece of equipment and a reasonable price, IMO.

Happy Feet
02/01/09 05:12 PM  
Re: Wort chillers
Thanks for the information. I'll let you know how it all works when it arrives.

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