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Matt MacLeod
01/28/09 02:49 AM  
Corkiness in Biere De Garde
Is there anyway of replicating the musty corkiness present in many biere de gardes without using bottles with corks.

I don't have a corking machine, or a ready supply of suitable bottles but would still like to have a crack at this style.



Al B
01/28/09 09:58 AM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
One of the guys in Zymurgy tried to soak some old corks in water then added to the boil. It didn't work by his account. I checked this myself and I don't recommend it. The mustyness typical in a real biere de Garde is actually mold-related. Its a tough thing to really duplicate. Good Question.
Matt MacLeod
01/28/09 10:21 AM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
01/28/09 12:16 PM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
Try throwing a couple of corks in the secondary for a few weeks...could be an interesting side-by-side experiment.
Matt MacLeod
01/29/09 03:07 AM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
Seanywonton - You know that was my first thought, but I just figured they'd float on the surface and not do a whole lot.

Maybe a couple corks in a hop back with a couple of stainless bolts to weight it down?

There's a sidebar about cork in Farmhouse Ales I think - I'll have to re-read.

01/29/09 07:06 AM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
Why not age some corks and THEN add them to secondary. Or shred them up and add a pinch of cork to each bottle. Just remember to filter it out when you pour.


01/29/09 10:19 AM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
The corks would have to "aged" with some type of mold to get the character you're wanting. A good cork won't really impart any flavors - that's one reason why they have been used for so long beside their ability to compress and hold pressure with a wire wrap cage.
01/29/09 10:32 AM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
A guy in our club "dry corked" a bdg. He just crumpled up a few corks and threw them in. Worked like a champ.

To me it's a fairly disagreeable flavor though...not sure why you would want that in a beer ;)


01/29/09 01:01 PM  
Re: Corkiness in Biere De Garde
That must have been some pretty bad cork! Often both beer and wine are stored long term on their side to keep the cork wet and the cork does not impart flavors into the contents.
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