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Mike Mraz
01/16/09 03:08 PM  
Brett fermentation starts/stops/starts again
I made a Belgian Dark Strong back in May of 2008. The SG was 1.095 and I was shooting for a FG of 1.015. That would get me a beer with a nice ABV of 10.5%. One of the problems I had is I used over 10% crystal malt and the FG ended too high for my liking (1.025). and a little to sweet. So what to do? Add some brett!!

So I filled the 3-gallon carboy with the beer added some oak cubes and some Brett. claussenii. Than forgot about it. I would check on it every few month to see is if the brett was working. It took about a month to see any signs of fermentation in the air lock at first. Then it stops for the last few months and formed a pellicle on the top. I just checked it and it is going again. But this time it is going crazy and it has a kraeusen on it. Have you seen Brett start stop and the start like this…

01/16/09 03:34 PM  
Re: Brett fermentation starts/stops/starts again
I've seen brett activity go up and down and up again over several months.

And people who have measured brett populations in aging wine have often seen brett "blooms" at different times, rather than a slow constant activity.

I think something like a temperature change, or primary yeast autolysis, can set off a period of greater activity sometimes.

01/16/09 04:50 PM  
Re: Brett fermentation starts/stops/starts again
That occured in my all brett b & c golden barleywine. Had an initial primary ferment with high krausen, which settled, and then two weeks or so later another high krausen. I thought it was probably due to one brett starting and then another taking over, but perhaps not....
Mike Mraz
04/07/09 02:00 AM  
Re: Brett fermentation starts/stops/starts again
This thing is still going....
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