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01/13/09 10:08 PM  
Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
Does anyone know what sugars are added to lindeman's fruit lambics after fermentation? Or - are they just amazingly sweet for some other reason?

I listened to a podcast with Randy Thiel from Ommegang, and then decided to make something like three philosophers. He said they take 4% lindeman's kriek (although he said it was a "special" kind) and dump it into the boil. I found it odd that the bottle said 2% but 750mL was just about 4% in a 5 gal batch so i went with a full bottle. It's been about 2 weeks now and the beer is very sweet, or at least it tastes that way. I'm starting to wonder if the Lindemans sold here in the US has lactose or some other unfermentable sweetener added to the bottle.

My gravity is already down to 1.016, and considering it started at about 1.090, I guess that's not too shabby (1.5lbs turbinado as well, mash 148F).

Anyone know the details on Lindemans?

01/13/09 11:03 PM  
Re: Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
I thought i read it was sweet and low. anyone else hear that? and you mentioned lactose. im curious if lactose is fermentable to brett and other critters? im doing a milk stout type thing this week and 5 gal will be aged on bugs.

I heard a podcast with him on the BN and thought he mentioned something about taking some lindemans and fermenting it out and how funky a beer it really is under all the sugar. i couldnt help but wonder what would be left to ferment.

Rob B
01/14/09 07:06 AM  
Re: Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
I was always under the impression that Lindeman's was pastuerized and then had fruit syrup added back to it. I don't believe there is artificial sugar in that one.

You are at 82% attenuation right now and that gravity is in the ballpark of what I like for my BDSAs.

01/14/09 08:01 AM  
Re: Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
IMO Rob is more on target here.
01/14/09 10:31 AM  
Re: Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
John, lactose is fermentable to some bretts, including some bretts commonly associated with brewing. Strains that microbiologists used to classify as b. claussenii and b. anomalous are among them. Without knowing exactly where they came from it's impossible to know which commerical strains have this property--even though they may be sold as "claussenii" or "lambicus" or whatever.
01/14/09 07:18 PM  
Re: Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
rob makes sense since i never got that aftertaste (like witterkerkes rasp wit). now i want to try and ferment a bottle out. anyone ever do that?

Thanks baums,

i will be using als bug farm 2 for the stout after i rack off another beer. hopefully it wont eat all the lactose. id like to see some sweetness with the sour.

01/15/09 05:38 PM  
Re: Sugars in Lindemans Kriek
I've heard of people adding sulfites to kill off the bugs, then reyeasting for bottle conditioning. If you did that, you wouldn't have to worry about the brett eating the lactose.
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