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01/06/09 04:57 PM  
Carbonation, sugar and time
I am about to bottle a Quad that has been held at 34 deg for the last 3 weeks. All of the carbonation calculators base the sugar amount on the temp of the beer when bottled. Most assume you do not crash cool your beer then warm it up.

What kind of sugar additions do you guys find work after long cold aging?

Cisco, I am drinking the Saison that fermented at 90 a few months ago and it is so good! Time to change the keg and work on the last 5 gallons. Thanks again

tripel beam
01/07/09 10:23 PM  
Re: Carbonation, sugar and time
What has the head space been like? Your current dissolved CO2 will be accurate based to your 34deg (=1.6 vol.) because you are dissolving more as the temp. drops. It will be warming up during bottle-conditioning I assume, so CO2 will not blow off. What is your desired carbination?
01/08/09 10:17 AM  
Re: Carbonation, sugar and time
Follow the calculators that are based on temperature. I usually take my keg out of the chiller the day before and let it warm up to room temperature for the next day's bottling and then I add a little more sugar because the keg does vent when I open it up.

Glad to hear that the saison fermented at the proper temperature turned out great.

01/08/09 12:13 PM  
Re: Carbonation, sugar and time
If fermentation was done when you cold crashed, then you should probably calculate based on your ferm temp. Ie, CO2 is no longer being produced by the yeast so there is no more CO2 to dissolve into solution when you chill it down.
Rob B
01/09/09 01:42 AM  
Re: Carbonation, sugar and time
Yeah, I always use my fermentation temperature even if I cold crash and carbonation has been right on every time.
01/09/09 04:01 PM  
Re: Carbonation, sugar and time
It was bottled the other day and I used the actual temp during bottling (75F), not the fermentation temp. Seems like a good way to go. Glad to hear that is what others do.
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