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Rob B
12/22/08 06:46 PM  
Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
I am about to make a starter for White Labs Belgain Sour Mix that will be used in a Flander's Red. Should I place my starter on a stir plate and aerate as I would an normal ale/lager starter?
Al B
12/23/08 10:54 AM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
No need since you will be aging for awhile and the O2 would be a detriment to Pediococcus.
12/23/08 12:05 PM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
So what about the yeast then? Isn't that going to suffer without aeration?

Do you make a starter, but no aeration whatsoever? Or just pitch the damn tube?

Al B
12/23/08 12:55 PM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
The WL sour mix is intended for secondary use as per their website. My recommnedation is to ferement w/ an estery belgian yeast or neutral yeast of your choice, then add the sour mix for aging.

Rob B
12/23/08 02:46 PM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
Thanks for the advice. I will use a portion of a cake I have in a Belgian in primary right now. Then add this starter to the secondary.
Mike T
12/24/08 12:19 PM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
I would vote for adding the funk in primary along with the extra Sacch. I just find that I don't get enough sourness for MY taste when adding bugs to an already attenuated beer.

If you are adding them to secondary try to leave the beer as sweet as possible. Our group wine barrel flanders red had stopped at ~1.030 before going into the barrel. You might even consider feeding the beer a bit of extract/sugar to get the bugs moving (we added 5 gallons of fresh wort).

Rob B
12/24/08 01:20 PM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
Thanks, Mike T. That brings up another question, what mash profile do most of you use for Flander's Reds. I have heard success with single infusion, say 152-154F. But after rereading Wild Brews, he suggests a 145F rest, and then a 162F rest.
Rob B
12/24/08 01:25 PM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
I read this topic and gave some insight, maybe hoping for a few more experiences though.


12/27/08 07:12 AM  
Re: Oxygen/Aeration in Starter?
If you were to go off the recipe and brew procedures that Rodenbach used Peter Bouckaert says that at about 70% attenuation they wort is transfered from the stainless steel fermenters to the large oak barrels. This would lead to the higher souring then if you let your gravity down to 1.014 or so. Also lacto is in the fermenters from the beginning as they keep their cultures infected. I think it would be fine to pitch the sour mix maybe two days after primary starts as the oxygen will be taken up by the Sacch which will be actively fermenting away. So it should be a sound time to introduce the mix..

This sounds safe to others?

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