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11/29/08 04:30 PM  
Lambic Blend in primary, Brett in secondary?
It's been months since I've been around the Belt; this is my first post in the Homebrew area. Hello again to some of you and nice to meet everyone else!

Back in May of this year I brewed a sour ale and I added both the Wyeast Lambic Blend AND the Wyeast Roselare Blend at the same time in primary, just to see what would happen. Today that beer is on tap at my house and let me tell you...I'm not so pleased. It starts off with a nice tart taste that quickly dissipates into a distinct diacetyl taste in the finish. I don’t want this to happen again!

Just recently I brewed another 10 gallons of sour ale. I split the 10 gallons into two 5 gallons plastic buckets, OG 1.065, and pitched 1 packet of WY3278 into each.

Batch 1 chugged away beautifully for 2 weeks. Batch 2 had no activity after day three so I pitched some dry California Ale yeast and it kicked back up nicely for about five days.

My plan for Batch 1 is to rack it on to Merlot grapes with WY5112 Brettanomyces Bruxellenis. I'm aiming at making a vinious/funky/horsey creation.

My plan for Batch 2 is to rack it on to Raspberry Puree with WY5526 Brettanomyces Lambicus. I'm aiming at making a dry, sour Framboise.

My questions:

- What will occur by leaving WY3278 in primary for several months with California Ale Yeast

- Will the two strains of Brett work well with WY3278 in secondary, or is this not advisable

- Should I even rack the beer at all (I've read that I should just keep everything in primary for at least a year)

- If I don't rack should I add fruit and Brett directly to primary

- Should I simply add fruit and forget about the brett

I'm still new to brewing both fruit and sour ales so please forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject. I just want to do this correctly since I'll be waiting so long for the final product. Thanks for any advice!

Mike T
12/01/08 02:11 PM  
Re: Lambic Blend in primary, Brett in secondary?
I would say you are drinking the beer too young, drinking a lambic at 6 months old is the equivalent of drinking a regular ale at 6 days old. Pedio can make lots of diacetyl, but the brett should clean it up eventually. I would warm it back up and leave it for another 6 months to see if it improves.

I would guess that those Brett strains (or at least very similar ones) are already in the blend, so you are just changing the balance of the microbes. Instead I would suggest adding the dregs from a couple of your favorite bottles of sour beer, this should up the bio-diversity and give you a more complex finished beer.

I tend to do 1-2 years in primary for my Lambics, then rack onto the fruit (if using) for however long it takes to ferment out (2-4+ months). Other sour beers I rack to secondary after the primary fermentation dies out, 2-3 weeks.

Hope that helps, good luck.

12/01/08 04:31 PM  
Re: Lambic Blend in primary, Brett in secondary?
Many thanks Mike. This truly helps me out. Cheers!
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