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11/22/08 07:13 PM  
stir plate question
I made a stir plate from plans i saw in zymergy. i just received my stir bars and dropped one in a flask, set it over the magnet, let the magnet and bar line up and slowly turned it on. the bar seems to not spin. it quickly moves up and down on the pivot point in the middle. does this right? will that agitation be enough? if not does anyone have a suggestion on what im doing wrong?
Rob B
11/23/08 02:20 AM  
Re: stir plate question
I have built several of these, even did a workshop for our homebrew club. Sounds like your magnets are not close enough to the bottom of the flask. We had some do this, to rectify the situation we doubled up on the magnets to make the attraction stronger. Or if you have the magnets mounted on a computer fan, you can put some shims underneath the fan to lift it up closer to the bottom of the flask.
11/23/08 08:23 PM  
Re: stir plate question
Thanks Rob!
11/24/08 10:13 AM  
Re: stir plate question
Also, I don't know what kind of magnets you're using but the 1/2" diameter by 1/8" thick rare earth magnets that I use, from a craft store, are way powerful. Especially if you double them up so you have two stacked on the "north" side and two more on the "south" side.

If I remember my E&M then mounting them symmetrically on a large steel washer (say 2.5" diameter)--and then mounting that washer to the fan--increases the field and diminishes interference with the motor's operation. Anyway that's what I did and it's pretty strong.

BTW you didn't perhaps accidentally mount the magnets so that both sides are "north"? (or south) That might also cause what you're seeing.

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