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Rob B
11/19/08 08:24 AM  
Brett Fermentation
I am getting ready to do an all brett fermentation with Brett C. Can anyone tell me how vigorous a primary brett fermentation is? Will there be much krausen? Any need for a blowoff? My OG is 1.060. I have a 3l starter going now.
11/19/08 09:53 AM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
They can go nuts just like any other ferment.

11/19/08 10:50 AM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
Rob, the is no single answer here, you should use the archive feature and read through past threads. C. can ferment like a pool of parana fish or it can not even make a ripple on the surface. Depends how you're handling it.
11/19/08 11:24 AM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
One of my most violent ferments and blowoffs was from a Brett C beer. Be prepared.
11/19/08 11:44 AM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
My brettL+brettB fermentation had tons of blowoff even though we brewed it in january with lower temperatures in the room.

My brettC that was brewed in march had a standard 2 inches of foam in the carboy.

so, I'd say just as all over the board as regular yeast.

make sure to keep the temperature up as the BrettC seems to stall as the temp drops below 70ish.


11/19/08 12:54 PM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
A brewer from Texas posted here once about a brett C thing, she worked up a starter, pitched it and saw no action for 3 months. I made a 3 gallon barley wine with BC once, used a blow off tube and a half gallon went into the bucket!
Rob B
12/02/08 06:55 PM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
So it has been in primary for 11 days and the gravity has only dropped 15 pts. The OG was 1.060, pitched 2l starter, oxygenated for 60 secs, and fermenting at 70F. So, I guess this is going to be a slow one for me!
12/02/08 07:49 PM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
How long did you take to build your starter?

Is your airlock still bubbling or has everything dropped clear?

I grew my BrettC starter over about 4 weeks with multiple feedings on a stirplate and then decanting between feedings aftre letting it settle for a day. You could see the layer of cells getting deeper after each feed, stir, and decant cycle.


Rob B
12/03/08 09:57 AM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
My starter ran for about a week, with 2 tubes of brett c. It had lots of activity and got quite milky looking from the increased cell count, and it smelled very brett-like.

My airlock is still bubbling, not worried about it stopping, it is just going slow.

Rob B
12/29/08 11:58 AM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
So I checked on this again yesterday and it had dropped to 1.022. So it is chugging along just slowly. Was kind of weird on top, not really a pellicle but all the yeast seemed to be floating. A nice tan color, reminded me of worm dirt in consistency...lol!
Rob B
01/17/09 09:00 PM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
So on 1/16/09 this thing is down to 1.012. The sample is extremely pineapply. Nice aroma too.

What is everyone's experience as far as terminal gravity with brett? I had talked to Ron(Jolly Pumpkin) and Vinnie(RR)about this at GABF a couple years ago and both said most brett fermentations will finish around 1.007/1.008.

I was thinking about bottling this and not adding very much priming sugar and let it finish in the bottle.

01/22/09 02:51 PM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
I know on Avery 15 they had an average finishing gravity on their batches of about 1.009 or 1.010. They had one fermenter if I recall make it to 1.008 but that was as low as any went and one only finished at 1.014 after three weeks in primary. I believe Vinnie was saying the same at around 1.009/1.008... But he uses a mix of bretts so maybe he is getting slightly better attenuation then the Avery 15 3Fonteinen strain.

If you're happy with the aroma which you should be why not bottle it now if that is the plan? Anyone else agree?

Rob B
01/22/09 09:43 PM  
Re: Brett Fermentation
Thanks for the info chadunit! I believe I will bottle this one this weekend.
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