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Frank Reitz
11/09/08 11:33 AM  
Dark Strong with T-58
Hi all

I'm planning to brew up a Belgian Dark Stron again. This time I've got 3 packages of T58 lying around and I was planning on using them for this brew.

I've used this yeast 4 times in dark strongs and they never really get the way I want them.

My question is.

Have any of you brewed a belgian dark strong with T58 that made you proud. Please post recepies..



11/09/08 07:59 PM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58

My advice is for you to stay away from this yeast for a dark strong. It throws of a lot phenolics and crazy esters that even time won't cure. I made a Chimay Grand Reserve clone and was really dissapointed with it. Even fermented at low temps and pitched huge. Try the White Labs trappist or make a starter from Ommegang's Abbey. It would serve better as a Hefe yeast in my opinion. It does not really represent a Chimay yeast if you ask me (supposed strain that it is taken from) Invest a little more in a liquid culture and you will be very happy. Also make sure that you go easy on any crystal as it will often time be too much. My .02...


Frank Reitz
11/10/08 01:01 AM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
Thanks Stefan. I am considering liquid yeast instead of T58 (Wyeast 1762). On the other hand there's the fact that Struise makes all their beers based on dry yeasts (t58). That makes me believe that a good dark strong _can_ be made with this yeast.


Seanywonton (Sean White)
11/10/08 08:24 AM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
Maybe you could hit up De Struise for some info on how to best use the dry yeast. But you will almost certainly get better results with a good liquid culture, and if you have already been unsatisfied with its performance in the past, why risk it?
Frank Reitz
11/10/08 03:02 PM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
Sean, good point :-)
01/27/09 08:09 AM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
I have a quad bottled with T-58, it's drinkable by some people, although not something anyone would ask for... Maybe if you over pitch and keep it at a low temp it wouldn't be too bad but I don't think I am going to try it. I also made a belgianish barley wine with the same yeast and it has the same smell, I'll let them age a year or so, if that doesn't fix it then I'll probably dump them.

Frank, if you spoke to De Struise let us know. :-)

Rob B
01/27/09 10:21 AM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
Arutha...what smells are you getting? I did a 9% braggot with the T-58 and it is very fruity with very little in the way of phenolics.

Actually I haven't had this braggot in a few months, maybe I should see what it is like now.

01/27/09 08:36 PM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
Mine might have something to do with the alcohol level and the fruity esters giving me a strange aroma. Fermented at high 60s, if it got above that I didn't notice it. I am also overly critical of my own creations so that probably isn't helping much.
01/27/09 11:59 PM  
Re: Dark Strong with T-58
I find that 4-8 months of conditioning is needed for this yeast to even out around the edges.
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