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11/03/08 05:21 PM  
figs and merlot picked
I picked and froze about 3.5 lbs of green and black figs and about 5 lbs of mixed merlot/cab franc/zin grapes this wkend at my inlaws.

Any experience with fig contribution to a brew?


11/03/08 05:34 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
I don't have any experience with adding figs to a brew, but I can imagine that they would be great in a belgian strong dark. Damn, that sounds good.

Oh, and I recently racked a tripel out of primary onto 5 lbs Muscat grapes, let them ferment for a week and hand squeezed them down to (very little) pulp.

It seemed like too much tannins/phenols were leached out in that amount of time at first, but a couple weeks later and everything has smoothed out nicely.

Just my 2 cents...

11/03/08 05:43 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
Did you destem and crush the grapes or just toss them in on the vines? For mine, I pulled the grapes off the vines (took maybe 20-30 minutes for the 5 lbs), rinsed them with water, and then tossed them in a bag into the freezer for storage for a few weeks. I'm hoping the freezing will rupture them enough to toss them directly into the fermentor or secondary.

I actually have a yr old p-lambic that might get a portion.


11/03/08 06:12 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
I did the same as you; destemmed and froze them. I let them thaw in the bottom of a brew bucket for a couple hours and punched them a few times with my (sanitized) fist, but no actual 'crushing.' Regardless, the yeasties went to town and chewed them to pieces..

Oh, forgot to mention that I put the 5 lbs in two nylon grain bags for easy straining/hand pressing after I was done. It was not much work at all. The yeast did the bulk of it, but the freezing probably really helped.

Good luck, I bet those grapes would be great in a p-lambic!

11/04/08 12:47 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
Blaugies Darbyste is brewed with fig juice. Yum! Delicious stuff if you haven't had it. I don't know the specifics of when they add the fig juice, but it's certainly something to shoot for.
08/06/09 12:14 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
The above grapes (4.5 pounds) were finally used last night. I racked a belgian pale out of primary and on top of them (4 gallons belgian pale onto the grapes). Grapes were thawed for 24 hours and then poured into the empty carboy thru a funnel smashing them up to get them throw the opening a bit.

any thoughts on contact time with no funk present? I just used regular belgian yeast in the primary and transferred some of that over to do its thing. petec

08/11/09 05:48 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
I'm in the process of making two fruit lambics.

On the base beers one got a frozen mixed berry combo and the other got some figs that I had picked up.

I bottled some straight from the fermenter for a sour beers night recently and I really like the fig one.

It presents a slight up front delicate sweetness before the tartness and sour stuff comes through.

The fig base was fermented with 3522 then lambic blend 3578 is it?, as well as dregs of various commercials over time.

I haven't tasted it in about a month so I'll have to go and bottle some again soon I think :)

09/25/09 02:45 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
Update on the merlot grape infusion beer.

The beer was in primary w/o grapes for about a week. I then racked onto the defrosted frozen grapes and smushed them as required to get them through a funnel into the carboy. 4.5 lbs of grapes and 4 gallons of belgian ale. The beer sat with the grapes for about 3 weeks. FG was 1.004. Pregrapes gravity was 1.006. Some fermentation activity after the grapes were added.

I racked off the grapes and into teriary with 2 oz am oak cubes,medium toast for another 10 days of sitting.

Now its in the keg and on draft. Obvious winey and grape tannin notes. Undercurrent of oaking is there. Color is a moderate red with good clarity. interesting beer?

cheers petec

11/08/09 10:44 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked
Bottled my fig lambic on the weekend.

It actually tastes more like a straight lambic in some ways, with an upfront sweetness still.

I blended 8 bottles with my mixed berry lambic, in various amounts, as a further experiment...

11/09/09 08:12 PM  
Re: figs and merlot picked


Congrats on your win at the Franco Belgian Challenge Cup. I took 1st in strong ales (cat 18). First time placing in a competition.

Here is a fragment of fig info.


Taste Notes: 014 Great malt and fig flavor, a summertime crowd pleaser. I will brew this again next year! Irish Ale yeast makes a slightly drier tasting brew with the classic Irish flavor.

Puree whole figs in blender and pasteurize @ 170F for 10 minutes; freeze puree and seal in vaccum bags for later use in secondary fermenter for a 7 day secondary ferment. Thaw puree in microwave to pitching temp. (NOTE: It is not necessary to pitch more yeast into the secondary fermenter, it is a matter of perference. Also experiment with different yeast strains for a sweeter or drier beer.)

11/10/09 10:25 AM  
Re: figs and merlot picked

This might help with the contribution - bottom of page.


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