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11/03/08 01:27 PM  
Back from Cider Day
Very late start to the day, but boy what a weekend. The cider version of BURP's Spirit of Belgium. Actually took in both days this year, great move. I'll write more over time, man I'm beat right now. I will say though that the high gravity reduction cider accomplished everything I was hoping it would, I could not be happier with how this new take on cider making was received.

Next year I intend to rock the northern MA cider world by proving brett is not the devil (Cider makers hate it as much as vintners). That is if I can make brett do to cider what its been doing to beer...

11/04/08 11:22 AM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
I wanted to say more about Cider Days. A friend asked how it went and I emailed her a description. Thought if I pasted that in here I could follow up with a minimum of effort...

Cider Days is a different experience. There is lots of tasting of pro ciders and many area bars and shops take part by offering additional tasting opportunities. Plus there is a "homebrewer" component (several lecture segments, a tasting of home made stuff that all present participate in and a great unoffical after dinner bon fire tasting session), an agricultural component (Pest control for the home orchard talk, orchard rides, etc) and a food component. A big part of this is the dinner which is not all that great. But the last event was a pairing of ciders and really snooty cheeses. Plus a structured herloom apple tasting and a pie making segment.

We stayed at a B&B out in Colrain, an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere New England countryside. Its not a festival at a venue, its an event that is focused in the heart of apple country and takes place throughout the county. Most takes place in Colrain, but a lot of day 2 and the dinner and "cider salon" (open tasting) takes place in historic old Deerfield (a preserved old New England village founded in 1671).

Al B
11/17/08 02:01 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
Steve -

about how many gallons of cider did it take to make the high gravity reduction cider (#gal pressed = #gal reduction)?

Al Braeburn

11/17/08 03:24 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
The quick answer is about 8 gallons went into a 3 gallon batch.
11/18/08 01:38 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
I have wondered about Brett in Cider or Apfelwein. I couldn't find anything on the internet about it.
11/18/08 02:23 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
Cider makers are a very experimental group, far more so on the homebrew level. Actually maybe exclusively on the homebrew level. But brett scares the hell out of them. "Lambic bacteria" came up as it always does at CiderDays, and the reply was as it always has been. Home cider makers are as enthusiastic as we are with beer, they love the stuff. But its like that Meatloaf song - "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that"!
11/08/10 09:44 AM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
Was it once again just me who went? Anyone reading this in NW MA this weekend?
11/08/10 12:06 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
Sounds like a really good weekend Steve. How were the commercial ciders? Was Crispin there? They've done some really cool stuff recently. If you're not familiar with them - They have three 22oz packages that have different yeasts and different priming. My understanding is they ferment the ciders dry and then prime/sweeten with other sugars.

HoneyCrisp: ale yeast/honey as primer

Saints: Belgian Ale yeast/maple syrup as primer

Lansdowne: Dry Irish stout yeast/molasses as primer


I've got my cider going well right now - I'm hoping to have it ready for thanksgiving.

Cheers, scamborn

11/08/10 12:22 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
They dont have a list online of the cideries represented, so I cant say. I did hit the "cider salon" this year, which I have not done since the first year I went. Despite adding a second session and expanding the area a good 50% it was shoulder to shoulder, I hate that. I will say though that there were at least a couple cideries from MI and WI, I seem to remember states better than names!

The commercial ciders varied of course, but what blows my mind about the cider world is that the real out there stuff does not come from the pros. There are a couple formal and one informal home cider sessions. On Sunday they have a session that used to be about figuring out why your home made cider sucks, now its a showcase for a lot of great work. There is at least one professional cider maker who comes to see what the ametures are doing.

11/08/10 08:00 PM  
Re: Back from Cider Day
Once again I got sidetracked and forgot about it this year... Hopefully I'll get there next year when grad school is done.
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