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10/06/08 06:47 PM  
lacto head?
so i was making starters last week or so and i wanted to build up a wyeast pack of lacto so i put some wort (1c. or so) in a jar with the wyeast pack. ff to now and it has some weird head. i think its mold but i really dont want to believe it cos ive never had mold before and i dont want to dump it out (yeast labs be charging for lactic bacteria!). so here is a picture.


Al B
10/07/08 07:39 AM  
Re: lacto head?

That does look like mold from the top (after a week or so of growth). You can try decanting off the mold leaving the sediment of lacto in the jar. If you have the means of adding CO2 to the culture, that will prevent more mold to grow. If not, all is not lost......what is the intended use of the lacto (Berliner?, lambic?, other?).

10/07/08 08:53 AM  
Re: lacto head?
i have a year old oud bruin i wanted to to bottle soon but wanted to repitch some lacto into it a week or so before. wanted to build up the supply so i could use it in something else soon but dont really know what.

Al B
10/07/08 09:30 AM  
Re: lacto head?
Bottle the oud bruin with some yeast (for carbonation) along with some lacto sediment and you should be fine there.

10/07/08 04:31 PM  
Re: lacto head?
lacto sediment from the starter i just made?
Al B
10/07/08 07:31 PM  
Re: lacto head?
If you feel comfortable w/ that.

The fresh yeast will carbonate obviously. By producing the CO2, the mold will be supressed and eventually the lactobacilli will eventually get going as long as the Oud Bruin is not real high in gravity/hops. If I get this vial of WL lacto going, I may be able to help ya out (I bought an old tube for half price). After all, it'll be part of the bugfarm that I'll be prepping. Will work for beer. :D

10/08/08 06:08 PM  
Re: lacto head?
Al, really . . . with your yeast-wrangling track record, shouldn't it be more like "beer will work for you"?


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