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10/05/08 09:01 PM  
Ambient fermentation question
I attempted to start an ambient fermentation last weekend. Left the wort outside over night in 50ish degree temps and brought it inside in the morning and put a lid and airlock on it.

I am curious, if I see the typical mold on the inside of the bucket if it is already shot? There is foam on the top and three days into it I added about 10 fresh pitted plums from a tree from a friends house to help encourage it along. Will gladly send pics to someone if it'll help.


10/06/08 12:27 PM  
Re: Ambient fermentation question
It's hard to imagine mold is a good sign, but I have seen this in ambient batches that have turned out well. When I saw mold (for me it formed weeks in) I racked the beer out from under it. Al, mold comments?
10/06/08 12:36 PM  
Re: Ambient fermentation question
I've had mold form on some ambient ferments. I carefully scooped out the mold and let it carry on. No noticable off flavors or anything came through after the removal.
Al B
10/06/08 12:55 PM  
Re: Ambient fermentation question
I would do what N8 did to avoid moldy/mildew flavors. Once fermentation begins, the CO2 will inhibit mold growth. After fermentation, one should be worried about Acetobacter.
10/06/08 02:55 PM  
Re: Ambient fermentation question
>>Once fermentation begins, the CO2 will inhibit mold growth.<<

I guess that would depend on how the fermenting beer is contained. I would imagine I got the later mold because I just had a cheese cloth type thing over the bucket (I guess that would count as an open fermentation) and with no pitching the ferment was pretty far from vigorous. So CO2 concentration would probably have been pretty light. I think if it happened to me within the first week or so I would have gone the mold scoop approach too.

But acetobacter ... ah, that sure can be an issue. I'm about 2 months, maybe 2.5 from this years batch (last years was not a success). The timing is specifically to beat acetobacter back to a reasonable level.

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