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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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09/22/08 02:10 PM  
Back on the horse
Thought I'd check in. I brewed what may have been my first batch of 2009 yesterday. The arm was fine, no dumb accidents from excessive weakness like last fall (I lost 30% of my wort). Anyway, looks official, I'm once again a brewer. Made a fresh hop ale. That is to say it was made from homegrown Cascade dried and in the freezer for only one week.
Al B
09/22/08 02:27 PM  
Re: Back on the horse

That's good news, even more good news - its still 2008!

Was dat w/ 100% clausenii?

09/22/08 02:44 PM  
Re: Back on the horse
Welcome back, Steve.

I can commiserate, busting up my ankle around the same time as you last year (December 1). I did get two ambient ferments in late Spring, but only with the generous assistance of folks to do the lifting.

The first solo brew session felt really good, though -- congratulations.

09/22/08 02:51 PM  
Re: Back on the horse
Ah, I remember that MarkO, came up during a swap I think. Glad you too are among the living!

Al - yep, that's Mr. C. Boy is it happy!

09/22/08 04:33 PM  
Re: Back on the horse
Sounds like a great not so ordinary beer to get back on the horse with.

did you go big gravity or session sized OG? Aeration method?


09/22/08 10:40 PM  
Re: Back on the horse
A 1.055 IPA, I prefer Clausinii non-aerated.
Seanywonton (Sean White)
09/23/08 10:19 AM  
Re: Back on the horse
Hey, maybe we could start an "Personal Injuries" thread! I just had an epidural cortizone injection for a herniated disc in my lower back.

It sucked for a week or so, but it has helped with my sciatic pain, and I'm back to brewing.

Welcome back Steve!

09/23/08 11:08 AM  
Re: Back on the horse
I got that a couple years ago, I could not believe siatica could hurt so much. I lost feeling in my right leg below the knee, classic herniated disc symptom. I ended up having a proceedure done called MUA (manipulation under anethesia), basically a form of chirpratic on steroids. Happens in a surgury center, the things they do to you wouldn't get passed the Geneva convention if you wern't on a cocktail.

No follow up MRI, but the long term results strongly indicate they actually managed to make the herniation recess back into the vertibre. I think that happened over 18 months following the last of the 3 sessions. I went that route cause I really could not give the nod to a needle in my spine!!

09/29/08 09:29 AM  
Re: Back on the horse
2008 batch #2 went off yesterday. A slightly higher gravity copper ale with some amber syrup and corriander and wide hop variety. Weighed in at 1.064, the clausinii was pushing foam out the top into a blow off bucket after 2 hours.

Beer #1 went from 1.054 to 1.012 in 6 days.

Next week a clausinii barley wine to be served in 2010.

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