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09/22/08 11:45 AM  
Yeast for Allagash Black
My daughter likes stouts and belgians so i thought Id try to clone the Allagash Black (I think BYO or zygrymy (sp?) had the De Dolle foriegn stout recipe but I cant find it)

Any suggestions on belgian yeast? Maybe something like WLP530 or how about culturing from a bottle of Rare Vos?

- Cheers

Commercial Description: (from ratebeer)

Allagash Black, our new Belgian style stout, is brewed with German 2 row barley, Torrified wheat and oats, balanced by a large addition of Belgian dark candi to give the Black a full and silky mouthfeel. Roasted malts give this stout its classic chocolate, toast and malty taste, and contribute to chocolate notes and a hint of roasted coffee in the aroma. The Black is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and refermented in the bottle with the methode champenoise to make this beer truly unique. Availability: 750 ml bottles, 5.17 gal kegs ABV: 7.5% Original Gravity: 1.072 Recommended Serving Temperature: 55F Recommended Cellaring Temperature: 55F

09/22/08 03:44 PM  
Re: Yeast for Allagash Black
No specific yeast suggestion, but I'd make that large addition of Belgian dark candi D2 syrup.
09/22/08 04:32 PM  
Re: Yeast for Allagash Black
I made a belgian stout a few years ago. For the dark grains, I tried to use a mix of carafa and 'regular' stout dark grains since I wanted some roasted character still.

I used 2 lbs of dark candi sugar in it (solids).

yeast was wy1762.


Josh B.
09/22/08 04:34 PM  
Re: Yeast for Allagash Black
I found this on the probrewer board RE: a belgian stout. Good place to start

Oh boy, Imperial Stout! Years ago I brewed one that we offered as a cask conditioned beer available year round. A favorite trick; roughly 15-25% I.S. and top with cask conditioned bitter. Oh my, what a treat! I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it! I made a super delicious Belgian styled Stout this year. Sort of similar to I.S. but a little lower in Alc content (8.1 by vol), and used a Belgian yeast strain of course. I generally like a leaner (more highly attenuated) I.S. than most brew. I'm fussy that way, I guess. So I tend to aim for a lowish mash temp, 148* or so. And heck, this is the Midwest, so I like an IBU range of 35-50.

Michael is right about the flavors taking time to meld as well. I matured my stout in oak for a month before bottling, and gave it another month in the bottle before we offered it for sale. Six months later, it was only better.

I was looking for a dry smoky roasty-ness so;

Roast malt: 10-15%

Very dark crystal: 3-5%

Munich 20 or 40: 5-10%

Black malt: 1-3%

Dark candi sugar: 5-10%

And some pale and pils malt mixed to 60% or so.

You could of course vary this base recipe quite a bit!



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