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mark mott
09/18/08 03:39 PM  
butyric acid
Is there anything you can do if your beer has to much butyric acid in it? I have a beer that has a distinct aroma of vomit, I have actually posted about it in the past and have done some homework and it seems that the cause could be, probably is, butyric acid. Is there anything I can do? Will time settle it out or is it doomed to smell like vomit?
Al B
09/18/08 09:57 PM  
Re: butyric acid
wow. I missed that post earlier. In "Wild brews", the ester of butyric acid (which is rancid) is ethyl butyrate described as fruity, juicy-fruit, pine-apple and cognac. Obviously a better alternative to vomit.

In order to create esters from that would need alot of bretts to convert the fatty acid to its ester form - if possible, and alot of time to do so. Otherwise, I tend to think it will always be "vomity".

09/19/08 10:07 AM  
Re: butyric acid
>>Obviously a better alternative to vomit.<<

Unless, of course, you're throwing up something fruity, juicy-fruit, pineapple or cognac.

mark mott
09/19/08 12:04 PM  
Re: butyric acid
So Al, you think adding a large amount of brett and giving it a lot of time may take care of the problem? If so i am willing to do both.
Al B
09/19/08 12:09 PM  
Re: butyric acid
Was this brew already fermented w/ Brett and if so, how long has it been?

I don't know for certain if that will work, perhaps alittle - only time will tell (or perhaps Baums can tell).

mark mott
09/19/08 12:14 PM  
Re: butyric acid
I used the roesalare blend to do this beer and it has been about 14 months at this point.
09/19/08 12:24 PM  
Re: butyric acid
I've seen some lambics brewed with mixed commercial sources go 'baby vomit' for a period of time. They seem to age out if they're still in the fermentor.

Is your batch already packaged or sitting in plastic or glass fermentors?

I'd also consider trying to blend it out but you'll need to see if its more hassle than worth it.

If it has high butyric, does it also have high other flavor components like acids that also blending will help.


mark mott
09/19/08 12:44 PM  
Re: butyric acid
The beer is still in a glass fermenter and when I tasted it, it was mild compared to what I wanted it to be. The gravity was at 1.008. The aroma did dissipate after it was out of the carboy for a bit.
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