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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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08/02/08 10:37 AM  
Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Brewing up my first non-belgian inspired beer in a loooooong time, in order to defend my BOS IIPA title at the next local comp "Malt Madness". My "Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?" Imperial IPA will be brewed to about 1.090, with almost 2 lbs of hops total in the end (28.25 oz to be exact, after dry hopping). Hops include whole flower summit and amarillo; simcoe, columbus & cascade; and some organic NZ hops - cascade, saaz, and pacific gem. To be fermented with a half quart of fresh Cali ale yeast from the brewery.

Hopefully I don't get rained out, I need this in the fermenter ASAP!

08/02/08 03:47 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Good luck with the comp.

Mind sharing your recipe?

Here's what I'll be brewing up tomorrow:

Naughty Red

79% Marris Otter

10% Munich

10% C-40

1% Chocolate malt

66 IBUs of Perle at 90

11.5 of Mt. Hood at 15

7.2 of mt. Hood at 5

WY1272 yeast

Starting Gravity 20P (1.083 OG)

85 IBUs

08/02/08 08:51 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Anne pulled a handful of Cascades off the vine, closer to ready then I'd have expected. Gonna be a banner year, and with my arm condition I've been brewing a lot less. Anyone want fresh Cascades, feel free to come and pick in a few weeks!
08/03/08 01:59 AM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Do you do mail order, Steve??

08/03/08 10:54 AM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Here ya go N8, this is for ~5.5 gallons (roughly 6.5 gallons pre-boil). Pretty simple recipe, less the hops.

87.5% 2 row

6.25% xtal 10

6.25% dextrose

OG ended up at 1.085

Hop Schedule went as follows, all hops are pellets except where noted:

3.25oz summit (leaf) at 90

1 oz amarillo (leaf) at 30

1 oz amarillo (leaf) at 20

3 oz amarillo (leaf) at 15

2 oz simcoe at 15

1 oz simcoe at 10

1 oz columbus at 10

2 oz amarillo (leaf) at 10

2 oz summit (leaf) at 5

2 oz columbus at 5

1 oz simcoe at 0

2 oz columbus at 0

1 oz organic NZ saaz at 0

1 oz organic NZ cascade at 0

Fermenting with WL cali ale.

Dry hops will be:

1 oz of simcoe

2.5 oz of columbus

.75 oz of NZ cascade

.50 oz of NZ saaz

.50 oz of NZ pacific gem

This one's going to be intense! It smelled great going into the fermenter - piney, citrusy, tropical fruity.

08/03/08 02:18 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
This sounds incredible!
08/09/08 10:20 AM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Haven't seen much action over here the past few days, so I'll give a quick update on this beer....

Racked to secondary on wednesday, grav was down to 1.02 (about 8% ABV), and it tasted like a super hop bomb! I decided to add another half oz of simcoe to the total of the dry hops, so almost 6 oz for dry hopping.... will bottlein a week or so in order to submitt for the comp.

Since I didn't have to go out and buy all of these hops (I've had them stored and grabbed some from the brewery) I am just now realizing how expensive this beer was to make..... like $60 in hops for 5 gallons... it feels great to make some hop juice again, but i wont be making another for awhile!

Alright enough vacation babbling, off to see some sights in DC and then hit up the RFD for lunch...

08/25/08 12:30 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Hey, so I just got back from a week in Ohio. Man, at least some of the breweries there are really sucking wind. One place, this dinky brewery on Kelley's Island, can only get 4 ounces of hops with every order. They said the Grape and Granery only offers 1 ounce per order. Man.

Our Cascade vine is pretty close to harvestable, thought I'd mention again... if anyone is really shut out for hops and is anywhere near north central NJ you are welcome to come and pick. There are more Cascades than I'll be able to use. Maybe pounds more.

08/25/08 06:42 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
If I find some time I might be down, but things will be busy at the brewery over the next couple of weeks (getting ready for GABF)

They must be some hardy vines...how old? My third year santiam only produced a measley 3 or 4 oz's >:\ ....although what there was smelled awesome. I think I have to get it going vertically next summer instead of trained along a fence. I tossed 'em all in my 4th al-saison blend bier....excited to see how it comes out.

08/26/08 11:44 AM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
I think this is their 4th year. I would guess I could fill a brewing bucket.
Al B
08/26/08 12:24 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Itsa pastability.......although I'm not down + out in some hops, I yam in Cascades.
09/16/08 12:44 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
The hop harvest has been going great, I have a few well packed large freezer bags worth so far. I think part of the process is learning how to dry properly. This time around I dried them in a dark, not-to-hot place and their aroma going into the freezer was really nice.
09/16/08 01:15 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
I got 2.5 ounces of Zeus out of my first-year vine, and was glad to have it.

I was also happy to have access to an oven that had a 100 degree F "Bread Proofing" setting. 24 hours of this seems to have worked well. Will keep checking - this is my first go-round with any significany quantity of homegrown hops. Fun though! I put them in like 6 layers of freezer bags due to moisture paranoia.

09/16/08 01:25 PM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
I got 3.4 oz (wet) off my first year Centennial. Not much, but I was happy to get anything. They smelled and tasted awesome. Yes, of course I ate one! :-D
09/17/08 09:53 AM  
Re: Hop Shortage? What hop shortage!?
Erik, would you be interested in a hop swap? I think its worth while just cause it rhymes so well! I have 4 large freezer bags of fairly well compressed hops. I don't know the approx. weights off hand, I would guess they are a quarter pound each at the very least. One bag is going to Al, I could use 2. I could trade the 4th.
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