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06/08/08 05:48 PM  
375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Would anyone know of a source for smooth sided heavy gauge 375 ml bottles? I really like the Duvel style bottle. I would much rather cap than cork. As much as I love Duvel, I'd like to buy more than 4 at a time. I recieved several comments from my NHC submissions that the Grimbergen and Chimay bottles were inappropriate.


Bruce Sanchez

06/08/08 05:57 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
It's only because those bottles have embossed designs on them, I'm assuming. I'm not really sure where to buy blanks, but maybe you should just buy a couple of cases of some tasty belgian and then you have some great beer to drink and two cases of bottles you can use.
06/08/08 06:49 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Thanks for the post. That may be my only option. It's difficult for me to buy cases of quality when I'm a resident of a beer desert state like Oklahoma. I travel often on business and usually fly back with some beers.
06/08/08 07:21 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Oh, I see.....yeah I haven't seen any online stores carrying belgian style 375 ml's.
06/08/08 07:50 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
I bought some from morebeer.com about a year ago (they are the 375 ml "russian river" bottles, with the 29mm cap).

They still have them listed on their website, but as "temporarily out of stock," unfortunately.

06/11/08 01:53 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Mark, you mean "russian river" as in small champagne style bottles?
06/11/08 04:17 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Yep -- they are punted, heavy glass bottles identical to the packaging for Beatification, Supplication, and Port Brewing's Older Viscosity.

There is a photo here:


06/11/08 05:40 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Whoa, expensive....those are capable with us sized caps or european?
06/11/08 08:01 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Very spendy, indeed. I think I bought them last year for considerably less, but it still galled me to buy bottles at all; but I was in a bottling crisis at the time, with more potentially explosive beer than salvaged heavy glass. Even so, I don't think I personally would spend $30 for 12 bottles.

Those are for European 29mm caps.

07/03/08 07:03 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Cal Glass makes 750, 375 and 187 ml champagne-type crown caps.


They are near the Oakland airport so maybe you can arrange a pickup; I have picked up orders split with friends in the past, but at the time the min order was $100; they have since increased it to $500, which would be a lot of bottles to carry on a plane ;-) Maybe some folks on the forum would go in with you. Call em for prices and S&H - although I fear it will be high due to gas prices. Although at least you won't pay it coming and going like you will getting em from a homebrew store (not to badmouth em, I love Beer beer and more beer).

07/08/08 01:37 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Best prices I could find on the net:

Weekend Brewer has green champ 375s 12/$15, and brown 750 Chimay corkers 12/$20


S&H from VA is probably as much as from CA. Shipping might be less from Northern Brewer (MN) http://www.northernbrewer.com, they have 750 champ and Chimay, 12/$20 didn't see 375s though.

The era of cheap bottles is over it seems - I'll be scrounging as always ;-)

Paul V
12/28/09 01:31 AM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Does anyone know where I can find the 375ml RR style bottles? MoreBeer still doesn't have any in stock. I have several wild ales that I would like to use these bottles for.
Paul V
12/28/09 05:26 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
why are these bottles so damn hard to find?
12/29/09 12:56 AM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
My suggestion isn't going to be appropriate for everyone (and certainly not anyone in need of a quick fix), but I contact the local beer festivals and ask if I can take their used bottles. After relieving 2 festivals of the bulk of their heavy glass bottles this summer I have enough to last me quite a while (and a nice mix of 375 and 750ml.)
Paul V
01/11/10 02:35 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
If anyone has any of the brown 375ml bottles they do not want. Send them my way and we can work something out. I will make sure you are taken care of. I don't have the distribution to drink that many bottles of RR, lost abbey, or North coast.
01/11/10 10:01 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
I know your looking for 375mL but 750's can be had pretty cheap around this time of year

go to a K-mart after the new year and they almost always have the martinellis apple ciders for ~$1 a bottle, I usually stock up with enough so that I get about 5gal of apple juice and will make a cider from that, so essentially i either get the cider or the bottles for free depending on how you look at it

Paul V
01/12/10 01:16 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
Thanks Ryane, I appreciate the suggestion. The only problem with it is the apple cider bottles are green.
Rob B
01/12/10 05:50 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
On a homebrew level I am not as concerned with the green 375/750ml bottles. I am not displaying them loosely on a shelf under fluorescent lighting. I keep them protected from light in the cardboard box. I haven't ever noticed one of my green bottles becoming skunked.
Paul V
01/12/10 07:57 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
On a homebrew level I am not concerned with the green bottles either. I want the brown ones for presentation for competitions and such.
02/19/10 01:32 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
I live in Utah and getting these kind of bottles new or from purchased beer would be expensive or nearly impossible. And I'm a cheap bastard. I go to the glass recycling center (in the posh side of town) and dig out used champagne bottles. I think restaurants dump them so I can usually find 10-20 a visit. I can get 375 and 750s, I even found some 1.5l I check each one for any crap on the inside and skip those. Just soak them in Oxyclean and scrub. You can use the normal bottle caps. They are green, but I just store them in wine boxes to protect from light.
02/19/10 03:01 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2

thats a great idea. im going to start dumpster diving!

im curious how big a concern is skunking? with the use of aged hops and or low levels of hops?

02/19/10 06:43 PM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
I've never had a skunked bottle. I don't think its a big concern, just keep them out of sunlight and florescent lights. I pick up a few empty wine boxes at the liquor store to keep them in and that seems to work. I think there is a long discussion on the brewing network about the chemistry of skunking.
02/20/10 11:27 AM  
Re: 375 ml bottles for ~4 vol. CO2
I forgot to mention to bring a ski pole or something if you do go dumpster diving!
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