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Brian Richards
06/07/08 02:28 PM  
Brewing two beers with intent to blend
I just poured myself a bottle of a Belgian Dark Strong ale that I did and as I was getting down about half-way through my glass I decided to pour a splash of a sour beer that I did with Brett C as the Primary Fermentor and Als Bugfarm at about 1.020 or so. The sour beer has a nice lactic twang to it and when I added it to my strong dark it tasted very dead-on to a De Dolle Still Nacht. Now I think I want to play around with this idea. I think I'm going to brew another Belgian Dark Strong ale with an O.G. of about 1.100 or so and blend it with a bit of this sour beer that I have on tap.

Should i heat up this sour before I blend it to stabilize it so I don't end up with something out of control. That seems like the logical thing to do since I would be blending it to taste right before bottling.

Any of you played around with this? I thought Mike T was doing something like this to make the cable car but I think he brewed like 4 different beers.

Brian Richards
06/07/08 02:33 PM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
Oh I guess I should have mentioned that I was want to aim at an OG of 1.100 because the sour beer is at a FG of 1.001 so that will bring the gravity down a bit. And I would be blending this after the BDS was fully attenuated. (hopefully 1.018-20)So I guess the final beer would hopefully end up around 1.015 or so after blending.
06/07/08 07:32 PM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
I always thought of still nacht as more of strong golden than a strong dark, and although they originally used rodenbach yeast never noticed any sourness... but anyway I just did some blending my self. I had an old high grav flemish red that I brewed an RIS specifically to blend with. I added roughly 1 part red to two parts RIS, and added oak. It's sitting in tertiary right now, and fermentation has continued after blending, albeit slowly. My ame was to dry out the old red which got stuck around 1.048 (already at 11% abv), and blend into something that could also hold up to some extra residual sugars. Anyway, I'm happy with the results and am going to try some more blending in the future.

One note- even though the BDS will have reached TG on it's own, once the bugs are in the mix you can expect them to slowly consume those sugars. I'd maybe shoot for a slightly higher FG for the BDS if you don't want the end result to dry out too much.

Brian Richards
06/08/08 12:41 AM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
I was thinking of taking the bugs out of commission by warming it up to 160 for a bit. The Still Nacht I had the other day sort of tasted like the Chimay Cinq Cents with a little twang to it.
06/08/08 12:52 AM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
Oops, I see you did mention that...for some reason heating things up that much always makes me too nervous to try but I know steve's said he did it with success.
09/17/08 08:47 AM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
Just noticed this listing on the beers for night of the funk in boston this weekend: The Bruery, Melangé #1 - "(Blend of a young Flanders Red & Imperial Stout)"

Someone's been reading the homebrew board....

09/17/08 11:16 AM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
Interesting. The Bruery is a VERY new brewery up in Orange County (South of LA), that has been putting out some pretty interesting stuff. Mostly Belgian style. I knew they had an RIS in the works. However, I'm curious as to where this Flanders red came from, as I know it can't be theirs. They brewed their first batch in March of this year. I have a bottle of it fridge now (Duvel clone). He had heard he made some pretty good homebrews before. In case anybody's interested: http://www.thebruery.com/
09/17/08 11:51 PM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
Old, Rodenbach yeast, Stille Nacht was most definitely sour, though still quite sweet. It was an absolutely lovely beer that I miss quite dearly. The Bruery does have a beer called Humulus Bruin that is likely what they used to blend with the Imperial Stout. From the reviews on RB/BA it seems to be a bit young still, but definitely getting funky.

I like the blending idea, it is something I am definitely getting into a bit more (see my post from a couple weeks ago).

09/18/08 07:40 AM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
I was at the Bruery recently and sampled the RIS out of the tank. It was a very fine example. I don't recall Patrick mentioning this was going into a blend though. I think you will be hearing from this brewery. The beers are very well made with a homebrewers mentality. Brett Saison is excellent.

Damn fine Berliner on tap too when I was there.

09/18/08 11:18 AM  
Re: Brewing two beers with intent to blend
I almost picked up a bottle of that brett saison, but got the Batch 1 Luved instead. Next time I'm at Whole Foods I'll grab one.
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