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05/16/08 11:11 PM  
Reyeasting with Brett C
Gentlefolk of the babblebelt,

Anyone have any experience with reyeasting with brett c?

I have a vial and would like to try it on a Saison that I have going. The beer in question was fermented originally with 3724, and is currenty sitting at 1.006. Half of a split batch (2.5 gallons), it is about 5 weeks old.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how much yeast to reyeast with, what type of bottles might be best to use, or any guesses about potential flavor contributions I might expect from the brett?

Thanks, mtc.

05/16/08 11:17 PM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
Can't say I would do it...if the FG were a bit higher it would be great, but with a FG of 1.006 you've got nothing left to ferment. It would be a waste of bugs in my opinion.
05/16/08 11:23 PM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C

I am referring to reyeasting for bottle conditioning.


tripel beam
05/17/08 02:45 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
I just did a brett/Orval bottle conditioning on a batch of witbeer that I split 6 beers/2.2 liters from. I got the culture going from dregs and made a 1/2 Liter starter and added it to the partial batch on bottling day.

From the look, and smell of things in my kitchen the Orval culture got strong and healthy before pitching. I still need to try one and see. I figured though, instead of a brett beer that is slow-going and needing months to be able to recognize brett, these beers will be peaking earlier (Might not be what you want with a saison). I used Orval bottles and grolsch swing caps, but champagne bottles seem the way to go.

How were you planning on Reyeasting? What Vol. CO2 are you shooting for? I'd be curious to hear how your batch goes if you go through with it.

05/17/08 10:26 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
tripel beam,

In using brett c, I'm hoping to give a little fruity/funky pizzazz to a beer that, out of the fermenter, is fairly pedestrian as far as saisons go. Plus, I'm just curious about the results--damn the costs to the beer.

I have champagne bottles, so that is good advice I'll follow.

I am shooting for the standard 3-3.5 vol. of CO2 for the style, and lazily am thinking to use one White Labs vial to 2.5 gallons of finished beer added to a bittling bucket with 5 oz. corn sugar (like any other beer I bottle condition to that volume of CO2).

Your method, though, of a 1/2 liter starter has me wondering if my bugs will be active enough to party. A previous batch of Blonde fermented with both Brett B and L finished at 1.005 and was not reyeasted at bottling. Those bottles pour a lovely glass with constant head and big bubbles continually rising to the surface. Too bad the beer doesn't quite taste the way it looks. So far, I'm its only fan.


05/17/08 10:35 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
05/17/08 10:37 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
A couple of amendments:

I would use 2.5 oz. of corn sugar to achieve 3-3.5 vol. CO2 in a 2.5 gallon batch (average temp. 65)

I don't actually own a "bittling bucket."

tripel beam
05/18/08 02:33 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
I cracked a bottle of the brett/wit beer and I am realizing I over-did it. This was my first time with Orval dregs and I think it's too medicinal, and leathery to my tastes. I think Orval is a Brett B strain, so your Brett C will be totally different. I probably won't use a bottling conditioning starter with anything that I am not really familiar with in the future. Also my proportion starter size was way too large. Anyway, hope this helps.

Although I do like Orval, they are brewing it much different than what I was doing with the dregs, I'd assume. Does anyone know if Orval is made with multiple yeasts?

I'm brewing a Saison tomorrow. I'm using a WL568.

05/19/08 10:31 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
Orval: they now ferment it "clean" with just a pure strain of sacc, and then add a little brett at bottling--but I don't know how much. I've heard 0.5 M cells/ml/P (in Brew Like a Monk maybe?) but I don't know if that number is for brett or for additional sacc. Anyway the best way to hone in on how much brett to add, might be to add different amounts of brett starter to different bottles, and then see what happens.

In the past I've added 1 mL of WY b. lambicus starter to each bottle, with good results.

Within the next week I'll be bottling a pale/saison type thing, and different bottles will get doses of different brett strains. (And one of the strains will be WLP claussenii.) For safety I'm using Belgian 11.3 oz bottles, and only shooting for 2.5 volumes to start.

05/19/08 02:39 PM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
I think you make a good point, Baums, about going with a little less carbonation to stay on the safe side. Perhaps we can set up an exchange with our versions using Brett C after they age a bit.
05/20/08 10:52 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
Maybe so--it'll be a while though!
07/17/09 11:42 AM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C


Any word on how the bretts worked in bottle?

The brew plan for next week is to make a Saison using the new VVS 3711 and bottle 5 gallons with brett brux.

Just wondering if I should add sugar or not. And if so, how much.

Going with the low mash temp for a very dry finish.

07/17/09 12:35 PM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
I am going to crack open my all brett c beer today and see how it has come along. I bottled about 2 weeks ago so it may or may not be carbed enough. Anyone have any experience with it in this way? I hear it behaves much more like sacch c. when used as the sole yeast for fermentation.
07/17/09 02:16 PM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
B-Dub, I'm not sure there is a final word here. I can say my experiences with BrettC indicate - as Jeff said - it behaves a lot like conventional yeast. Its a good but not super attenuator, adding it to a beer that has been fermented out by a regualr yeast strain has, for me, produced no results at all. I think it would need to be primed.
07/17/09 03:56 PM  
Re: Reyeasting with Brett C
I have done several bottlings of mostly saisons with brett since I originally posted. They were all fermented initially with sacch. c. and I have found that adding normal amounts of priming sugar and brett do not create bottle-bombs, rather the carbonation is "normal" as if I had not added brett.

While I haven't noticed abnormal carbonation, I have noticed that brett added at bottling does create great flavor and aroma characteristics. Think nuanced spicing rather than horsey/barnyard. My favorite thus far is an unidentified brett from Fantome that Al B sent, but I've had good results with all of the commercially available bretts (Wyeast at least), too. All of my saisons are now bottled this way.

A couple of things: I make sure that my beers are fully fermented out before I bottle (always 1.008 or less depending on the saison strain), and I don't go out of my way to measure the amount of brett I add. I've added whole packs to 5 gallons and as little as a small testube with similar results. Lately I've been sticking to less, but mostly so I can save on costs and stretch out the yeast pack over multiple bottlings. I prime as if brett wasn't part of the equation.

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