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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Al B
09/02/08 02:07 PM  
Re: Saison blend
Probably attaching the blow-off tube from the brew to a second carboy (that will also have an air lock - so you would need a stopper w/ 2 holes or one of those orange caps). Head space of the brew should be minimal as to collect what spits out - typically lots of fresh yeast.

The second can now be used as a starter or you can transfer to the refrige for later.

09/02/08 04:04 PM  
Re: Saison blend
Cool and smart idea, Al. Never even considered that.
09/02/08 04:12 PM  
Re: Saison blend
Exactly. That is basically a Burton Union system: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burton_Union

I have seen a couple homebrew versions of it, and IIR there was one in Radical Brewing basically utilizing a an airlocked growler as the blowoff vessel

09/02/08 09:32 PM  
Re: Saison blend
Aren't there lots of volatile hop oils and other kinds of nasty stuff that are blown off as well?
Al B
09/03/08 07:50 AM  
Re: Saison blend
<<nasty stuff >> The brownish kreusen smudge on top of foam is often thought of as unwanted in "delicate" beers like pilsners for example. I really haven't seen alot of conclusive evidence of that. Even so, its a small amount in my opinion, and would be blown out on subsequent fermentations?

One extra - some of that nasty stuff (trub bits) will benefit yeast growth (not fermentation) anyway - which is what ya want collected. the trubish stuff contain lipids that help yeast in sterol production intended for cell membranes (important for cell division in growth phase).

I think the hop oils would be neglible. But I'm not certain.

09/03/08 09:17 AM  
Re: Saison blend
Ok,Cool. Thanks for the advice.
09/12/08 03:26 PM  
Re: Saison blend
So, 2.5 months from brewing my Saison D'AlB, I've brokwn it out and had a taste. This came out fantastic! I used Goldings for the hops, so it has a little of their floral character, complemented by a great tropical fruit flavor from the yeast, all on top of a dry bittering foundation.

Thanks for putting together such a great blend, Al!

Al B
01/27/09 02:11 PM  
Re: Saison blend
So I just wanna check after the latest Saison swap.....

Anyone else experience some form of brett presence in their blend de Saison beers???????

Mine did for the swap (in the capped bottles, but not yet in the corked bottles)........I should open a corker to see now.....


01/27/09 08:20 PM  
Re: Saison blend
I did...but I also think I have a happy little infection in some of my equipment as well, so it's hard to really tell where it came from in those batches.
Al B
01/28/09 10:24 AM  
Re: Saison blend
Weird. Because I opened a corked 750 over X-mas and no brett. Then the capped bottles had brett for the swap. I must have a Fantome ghost in my basement! :)
01/28/09 11:26 AM  
Re: Saison blend
So far no brett here. I kegged most of mine but still have 2 kegs left. Although I have noticed something of a lacto infection in a couple beers, so hopefully that doesn't make it's way in there. Although it would be better than some of the other beers it hit.
11/09/10 11:54 PM  
Re: Saison blend
Topping this... I made a nice Saison Lite with this culture again this summer. 1.043 OG, 92% Pils 8% Wheat, finished in the hot garage and then pitched some Fantome dregs to give a light tartness. Came out great and still dig the yeast, so thanks Al!
Troy R
08/20/13 11:30 PM  
Re: Saison blend
Zombie thread revival... Any chance this blend of Saison yeasts is ECY08? I have a beer going with this yeast and I really like the flavor profile out of the fermenter.
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