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03/05/08 06:36 PM  
Yeast from 4 yr old Gueze?
Anyone here cultured from fonteinen's oude geuze?

I'm drinking one now that was bottled in 2005. This has to be the mother of all sour beers. Holy tart!

Anyway, I captured about 30 ml off the bottom and poured it into a falcon tube with some oak chips. Does anyone know if there is anything viable in there for a spontaneous ferment later?

03/05/08 07:09 PM  
Re: Yeast from 4 yr old Gueze?
I would think there's something viable in there...just try making a small starter.
03/06/08 04:35 PM  
Re: Yeast from 4 yr old Gueze?
As long as they didn't pasteurize it then you have a very good chance of something developing in a starter. What you get in the starter may be totally out of balance as to the ratios of bugs they originally used so it's still a crap shoot as to what kind of flavor profile it will make.
03/06/08 11:28 PM  
Re: Yeast from 4 yr old Gueze?
When I used dregs from lambic, which I believe had been aged in the bottle for awhile, the beer got very tart, and I tasted some buttery notes, so my conclusion is that the pedio was still quite active. This was added to a beer that had been aged for 10+ months, which was not all that sour....now, in the bottle, it's very tart.
03/07/08 10:24 AM  
Re: Yeast from 4 yr old Gueze?
There is, at least sometimes, viable brett in Drie Fonteinen (and likely other things).
03/07/08 12:20 PM  
Re: Yeast from 4 yr old Gueze?
While it won't be a "spontaneous ferment," since you are adding the yeast, I'd say the odds are in your favor: I have never had any problems getting the dregs of old lambics/blends to work, even in ten year old bottles.
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