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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Al B
02/12/08 11:43 AM  
Brett beer 08
First up: "Resident lambicus" An old-style Porter (30% pale, 30% amber, 30% brown malts) 1064 with 100% WY lambicus.

Other possibilities include -

"Silence of the lambicus" batch 2.

"Brettamungus" Wit w/ B. clausenii, lambicus

"Brett-hemoth" Barleywine w/ clausenii, lambicus, RR brett

02/12/08 01:10 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Id be interested as heck in the Brett-hemoth idea!

02/12/08 01:27 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
I've been thinking of hitting you up for some C for a brett trippel. In theory I can start thinking about lifting things that outweight a fork by March 1st. As soon as I'm sure I won't pop the screws in my shoulder I plan to brew again.
Mike T
02/12/08 01:29 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Sounds like some tasty ideas.

My excess fermenter capacity is maxed out with sour/funky beers at this point, (I’ve got a Lambic, Flanders Pale, Funky Saison, Berliner Weiss, and a Temptation clone). By August everything except the Saison (and fruited portions of the lambic and the pale) should be bottled, so until then I’ll be brewing some “clean” beers… couple lagers going now, and I’m planning a big Alderwood smoked porter and an IPA of some sort after the lagers finish up.

02/12/08 01:39 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Got a baby arriving in 2-3 weeks.....was so hoping to get a buncha my brett beers out before he came, knowing Im not gonna get a chance for a while afterwards.......stupid weather is killin me and now Ive got starters here with the vss berliner, vss saison, wl brett lambi and wl brett brux just sitting there. Arrrrrgh!

That Brett-hemoth though sounds like a great candidate to try after the alien pops from my wifes belly though!

Al B
02/12/08 01:49 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
I'm very anxious to get the brett "stale" porter off the ground.

Steve - Clausenii Tripel sounds good too. Should not be a problem.

02/12/08 03:14 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
After having Deification on tap at the brewery this weekend that will be the next thing I shoot for.

Man is that delicious!

02/12/08 04:13 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Some good ideas, indeed.

I've bottled up a dark saison w/B. lambicus. Had a bottle Sunday, turned out great.

I've got plans for a dubble with the D2 syrup and might toss in those AlB buggies.

Got another Flanders in the works. We tried out club Flanders project this past Sunday, it's been 1 year in the barrel. Exceptional brew. Better than I hoped for. Gonna brew up another Flanders w/Montemecory cherries and Port, then blend with some of the barrel Flanders.

I like the tripple idea, might have to jump on the wagon for that idea.

02/12/08 05:57 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
This definitely sounds interesting. I've got something akin to a belgian pale with 100% claussenii chugging along now. And I've got tubes of WL brux and lambicus that I'm going to do something with. Haven't got my hands on the WY versions yet. I'll be doing my first lambic in the next couple weeks, and I'm curious to try our the new vss berlier strain too, and rosselare come april.

But I could always try and squeeze more funk in there. I was also thinking of a Sanctification clone at some point. I'm going to need more fermenter space with all these long aging beers.

02/14/08 12:02 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Here's a questions. What do you think of a 100% claussenii oatmeal stout? I'm brewing one up this weekend with WLP002 and the though occured to brew 10 gallons instead and split 1/2 with my cake of claussenii. Is this a stupid idea? Since the claussenii supposedly originaed from english strong ales I figured it couldn't be THAT far off. But not sure if the flavors will clash with the roast from the stout.
02/14/08 12:09 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Experimentation in the brewing world is never stupid but very adventurous and very much encouraged. So far I've made a brett CL Gran Cru and Strong Golden.
02/14/08 12:12 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
tankdeer, I would not hesitate for a minute using Brett C on an oatmeal stout. I've also fermented a beer on a C. cake and it worked out great.
02/14/08 12:14 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Am I sensing another all Brett beer swap.....
02/14/08 12:15 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
...or perhaps, an off the wall Brett. beer swap.

Such as Oatmeal claus. Stout, or Bretted IPA, etc.

02/14/08 12:48 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Rad. Thanks guys. I think I'm going to do it. It'll be a long day, as my system is not that easy to do 10g batches on, but I like the idea.

Oh, and totally count me in on the next brett swap. I didn't know about this board at the time of the first one, but now that I've got a couple going, I'd be very excited to be included. :)


Al B
02/18/08 10:15 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
The old-style Lambicus porter is off and chugging away. OG was 1062 - smells fruity

30% Pale

30% Amber (Crisp)

30% Brown (Fawcett)

1 oz Kent (hop tea)

1/2 lb Molassis/Demerra sugar/dk candi syrup

3g Licorice root

WY B. lambicus 68-70F

02/19/08 12:07 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
My Claussenii Quaker Oatmeal stout is chugging away too. Based on JZ's recipe. OG 1.059. ~35 IBU (EKG):

19 lbs Marris Otter

2 lbs flaked oats (toasted)

1.5 lbs chocolate

1.5 lbs victory

1 lbs crystal 80

1 lbs roasted barley (ground fine)

Pitched on 1/2 cake of WLP645 B. Claussenii

03/30/09 06:49 PM  
Re: Brett beer 08
Tankdeer, how did the Brett C Oatmeal Stout turn out?

I brewed a regular oatmeal stout on Friday, and I ended up with about 6 gallons, so I filled up a 1 gallon jug and tossed in 2 vials of 3 month old Brett C for kicks.

03/31/09 11:16 AM  
Re: Brett beer 08
It was ok IIRC, but a little boring if I remember correctly. Just didn't wow me, but that was kinda the case with all of my 100% claussenii beers.
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