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01/29/08 08:58 PM  
pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
Hey Guys,

well i mashed my first pLamic yesterday:

60% Pilsner Malt

40% Unmalted Wheat

3g/l debittered hops

using the wyeast mash schedule:

1. dough in wheat with 10% of the barley and 75% of the H2O at 60*c

2. increase to 100*c and hold for approximately 30 minutes

3. add the balance of the malt and H2O. adjust mash to 70*c and hold approximately 2 hours, stirring continuosly.

Rest 30 Minutes.

4. Sparge with 95*c H20

Boiled for 4 Hours adding hops after 1/2 hour of the boil.

i hit every target, temperature etc to the tee.

I followed a very very vigurous cleaning & steralising regime of everything post kettle.

The Glass Carboy was brand new but was soaked in starsan solution for about 1/2 an hour then drained.

came home this arvo to pitch my wyeast bug pack to find signs of fermentaion being undertaken, bubbling every second and a thin film of white ontop.

so i went to the shed to check the hydro sample and it was doing the same!

hmm.... the funny thing is my wyeast smack pack hasn't fired!

i went and pitched my Wyeast 3278 Smack pack anyway,

just curious if the beer will turn out any good?


01/29/08 09:04 PM  
Re: pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
also is there anyway to link a youutube video clip of it ot a pic?
01/30/08 02:13 AM  
Re: pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
here's a quick video of it before i pitched the yeast.


01/30/08 01:47 PM  
Re: pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
If my spontaneous ambient ale can turn out good yours can. So you cooled the wort, transferred it to a carboy but did not pitch the pack then? Why did you wait?
02/20/08 08:38 PM  
Re: pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
Hey Steve,

i waited before pitching my Wyeast Smack Pack because it hadn't swelled yet, it's still chucking along nicely

i'll get some pics up it's looking pretty mankey :-)


02/21/08 04:57 PM  
Re: pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
I think it says right on the back of the yeast pack that you don't have to wait for it to swell. That is only to proof the yeast, not to grow it. Much better to get your yeast or bugs, or whatever, in the brew as soon as possible than leave it open to contaminants.

How long did you wait before you pitched?

02/26/08 12:41 AM  
Re: pLambic, Wild Yeast, Spontateous Fermentation!
i pitched after about 24 hours of brewing it.
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