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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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09/29/09 03:30 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
Rudy, I am doing exactly as you describe with some fresh crab apples and purchased cider right now. However it is still in primary fermentation so I can't give you any definitive response (see info above). We ran the fresh fruit through a juicer.
09/30/09 02:13 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
Erik, there are 2 varieties of Pippin that I know of. The more classic is the Cox Orange Pippin. Top notch apple with a character very similar to a Jonagold. So similar in fact I personally think there is no need for both but then its hard to suggest phasing out such a time honored fruit is the right thing to do. And like the Jonagold, a real winner in cider.

The other is the Newtown Pippin. Smallish green apple, Annes Dad had a small tree in the front lawn. We would get the harvest every year, tiny as it was. Really love this apple, its on the tart side. The first time I tried one I immediately understood the "green apple" candy taste, it was the only time I had ever encountered that in an actual apple. IMO the Newtown Pippin is to apples what the Concord is to grapes.

10/05/09 01:58 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
As another data point, this past weekend I bottled a cider that was made using carmelized apple juice and turbinado sugar (in addition to regular apple juice of course).

Basically, I boiled down 1 gallon of juice and then mixed that with 5 gallons of unadulterated juice. All 6 gallons were Tree Top brand. I let that ferment (with white wine yeast) for a week or so before adding almost a pound of turbinado sugar. Another week or two and then transferred it to secondary with 2 oz of toasted oak chips pre-soaked in cherry brandy to sanitize. Let that go for about 6 weeks and bottled last night with 7oz of maple syrup. The resulting color is a deep reddish brown.

Best I can tell the alcohol level is around 8.5% as it finished around 1.000. The oak is most noticeble in the mouthfeel as the cider has a very wine-like mouthfeel. I figure I'll open the first bottle around Thanksgiving.

10/19/09 05:01 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
Anyone know a good place within a few hours of NYC to go pickup unfermented cider blends? A you bring a carboy, they fill it up kind of thing?
10/19/09 05:09 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
I found this place a while ago:


If anyone has experience...

10/22/09 12:34 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
Well, I was lucky enough to go out with some friends to a farm in PA last weekend and press about 75 gallons of fresh cider! Turns out a buddy of mine has an uncle with a press and all. Lots of work, but really fun.

Here's a pic of the fifteen carboys worth we brought back to ferment: http://tinyurl.com/ykxl98t

We varied the yeast and additional sugar additions among them, so it should be interesting to see how they turn out.

10/22/09 01:33 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
Very cool Erik. There is a place in the area where Cider Day happens that sells fresh cider, the same place offers an orchard ride so Anne and I did that. When we got back the the main barn the homebrewers were lined up, they go through hundreds of gallons of cider that opening morning.
10/22/09 02:57 PM  
Re: Anyone here do cider?
i'm picking up 5 gallons of unpasteurized cider this sunday. 30 minutes outside of minneapolis. very excited at giving this a shot.
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