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06/14/05 03:46 PM  
recent lambic brew
Right now I am currently on a twice a year lambic (or pLambic if you must) production. I am trying to build up enough to blend an make a semi-traditional gueuze. So this last weekend was my brew time for my 3rd batch.

I have a pretty standard recipe for this

6.5 pils

3.5 flaked wheat

0.5 carapils

aged hops

mash hot, sparage hot, long boil

Everything goes pretty well with the mash and the boil. The best part of making a lambic is that once you are done with the boil you are done. No need for the wort chiller, I let it air cool overnight. So the next morning I get up to go fish any bugs out and I discover that I left the brew pot on the table to close to the lawn. The sprinklers came on early in the morning to help "top up" the kettle. Hopefully it will help. If it doesn't maybee it will help with the name. Spinkler sour or Irrigation Lambic.


06/15/05 10:45 AM  
Re: recent lambic brew
Oh no, I hope your water isn't too clorine intense! It sounds like we take a very similar approach to making lambic on all fronts. There is one thing I'd like to suggest though that would spare you the bug removal. A couple years ago the wife started buying these things that looked a little like shower caps for the kitchen. They work great as covers for bowls and such and are adjustable in size (the elastic part of the "shower cap"). But then she brough home a different kind, this one was not elastic bunching up a cover of non-porous plastic, this was elastic bunching up something more like a very tight cheese cloth. Its great, the cooling beer can breath and be subjected to tiny things while keeping out things like insects in need of a hot bath! I'll find out what they are called, maybe I can send you one. Steve
06/15/05 12:42 PM  
Re: recent lambic brew
I am not to worrried about the chlorine only a little go in there. Also only one small fly made it in. It makes it a bit more authentic to me.

This time I am going to ferment hot and see what happens. Nobody really has an opinion on this that I can find so far. At the worst it should give me some different characteristics for blending.


06/15/05 04:04 PM  
Re: recent lambic brew
<<This time I am going to ferment hot and see what happens. Nobody really has an opinion on this that I can find so far.>>

Ah, then let me change that!

The danger with summer fermentation is acetic acid production. I have made 4 total that were fermented spontaneously, the two that came to life in the summer turned to vinegar. I was talking to a friend who has spent a lot of time touring breweries in Belgium (and everywhere else), explaining that I was going to try a spring lambic to see if I could avoid that. He told me that lambic breweries stop production around the time of the last snow (either falling or melting, I don't recall which). So he thought my April brewing idea was a good one. So far no vinegar in this batch...

06/17/05 06:44 PM  
Re: recent lambic brew
Steve do you think that it was a factor of warm fementation temps or the micro-flora that was in the air in at that time of the year?


06/18/05 07:36 AM  
Re: recent lambic brew
My understanding is that acetic bacteria are inactive during the cooler months. So it would not be tied to fermentation temperature as would be, for example, ester production.

Its kind of funny in an ignorant way, the thing that compelled me to brew in the summer was not knowledge of micro flora but a reaction to pollen. Around here there is a plant called the "black locust". About the beginning of June it releases its pollen, the smell is like a combo of concord grape and flowers. Smelling this made me wish whatever made that aroma could get into a lambic! It made me feel that the time this smell was in the air would be a great time to go ambient. EEErrrrtttt, take away the livingroom set!

08/11/09 10:06 AM  
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