Here are links to some websites that are well worth a visit:
Belgianstyle.com - the site without which we wouldn't all be here
White Beer Travels - the late Mr. White's site is maintained as a resource for the enthusiast.
   John created a vast collection of travel guides available on his site. These are password restricted, but a list of those passwords has been made available
Tim Webb's Site - buy Lambicland or the Good Beer Guide to Belgium.
zythos.be - the site for the new Belgian beer organisation, Zythos
Trappist Beers and Monks - Cyril Pagniez Trappist-specific site, launched 1998
trappistbier.be - Danny's Trappist beer website
ober.be - the site run by Gunter in Essen, Belgium for local beer group OBER
hbd.org/mbas - Bill Coleman's site featuring a guide to great beer in New York
callzia.com - Glenn Burnett's site featuring photos and stories from years of travel
www.beerpassion.it - Italian beer site by Alfio, a friend of Lorenzo's

Many babblers travel frequently for beer, and they often use a number of specialist travel companies. These are some of the companies which have been recommended by those babblers who use them. Please note that while we are happy to offer a link to these companies, we at the Babble Belt do not run these companies, nor can we be held responsible for any problems that may arise when using them. If you have a problem with the any aspect of the service provided by these companies, then please contact that company direct.
Podge's Belgian Beer Tours http://www.podgebeer.co.uk/podges-belgian-beer-tours.html
BeerTrips.com http://beertrips.com
Bier Mania: www.bier-mania.com
Ale Street News: www.alestreetnews.com/beer_tours.htm
Global Beer Network: www.globalbeer.com/body_pages/belgium/travelguide/BeerTravel.html
Belgian Beer Me!: www.belgianbeerme.com
Based in Chelmsford, Essex, UK, Chris (Podge) Pollard is the organiser of some great beer tours to Belgium and beyond. Podge will take you to the classic beer pubs, breweries, and places way off the beaten track. The chances are that if Podge hasn't heard of it then its not worth visiting. Podge is the ultimate Belgian beer expert, and organises European and British Beer Tours for everyone from novice to expert. He is the co-author of Lambikland (2004), Around Bruges in 80 Beers (2006), and Around London in 80 beers (2008).

If you would like to join any of Podge's tours or if you need more information, please contact Podge on +44(0)1245 354677 or email podgehome at blueyonder.co.uk. Places on the tours are limited to the number of rooms booked, so book early to avoid disappointment

January 05 - The Country Inn - Krumsville, NY
March 05 - Tavern StGermain - Paris, France
March 05 - Le Tavern Sous-bock - Paris, France
March 05 - La Gueuze - Paris, France
April 05 - Beer Circus, Croydon - London, UK
August 04 - The Moan & Dove - Amherst, MA

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Around Bruges in 80 Beers: 2nd Edition

Around London in 80 Beers

Around Brussels in 80 Beers

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