Re: Rochefort 10/Westy 12
  Posted by Pipe on 10/11/2016 02:11:49 PM
Way back in time, we did a horizontal tasting:
- Westvleteren 12
- St.-Bernardus Abt
- Gouden Carolus Xmas (from tap)
- Rochefort 8
(all quite fresh).
Regretfully, this was no blind tasting.
Hypothesis & conclusions:
- Westvleteren 12 is thicker (more malt in maisch) and softer/smoother than St-Bernardus Abt
- Barnardus has more anise to it. Therefore, a careful and daring hypothesis: the difference between Westy & Bernardus = Gouden Carolus Xmas
- Even more careful and daring: 'best' beer = Rochefort 8.
- Rochefort 10 is IMHO too far off track from Westy and Bernardus although an aged (5+ years) Rochefort 10 is preferred to R8.

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