Café Hopduvel in Ghent to close again? Translation of report
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Damning report forcing firefighters famous beer hall to close

Future Hopduvel threatened

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Author:Karel Van Keymeulen

GHENT - The famous beer hall in the Hopduvel Rokerelstraat is closed. Whether it is opening up again, is still undecided. There are substantial fire safety installation work. This threatens another landmark restaurant to close. It was for years the Mecca of many beer lovers.

The cafe was closed since Jan. 16 - although obviously not at the door message. In late 2008, the pub was taken over by the group of the Amadeus restaurant ribs, which has six branches counted and added to the Hopduvel.

Ives Vankerckhoven of the Amadeus Group says the cafe is closed for security reasons. "We got a fire control and fire brigade puts us at a serious adjustment to carry out works. These works are of such magnitude that it seemed best to close the doors. We could still remain open temporarily, but there were no more than 49 people inside. The four people worked Hopduvel. These structural changes such as the fire of the floor between the ground floor and first floor. Our architects see what happens and what the best solutions. We examine whether it is feasible. "


"This cafe does not meet the existing regulations. There are indeed major installation work, there is a lot of work, "says Marc Baekelant, public safety when the fire department. "It's an old building and the status quo is dangerous. There is an immediate safety problem, both for users and for local residents. But for the fire, if anything would happen. I would hate to see that there, most recently in Bergen, one of our people there a fire should remain. Since 2003 there is a clear regulatory regime. Any establishment where more than 49 people gather to have a fire safety certificate available. "

Hopduvel The cafe is a landmark in the landscape and a pioneer for the beer culture. In 1980 Denooze Show Rokerelstraat a café, a street off the Martelaarslaan. He built the business into a well-known beer hall. Today there are several bars in Ghent where they give lots of love specialty beers, but Hopduvel was a trendsetter. The interior of the cafe breathed beer history, with wall billboards and on the shelves and rare glass jars. Denooze itself is also brewing and promoted the Belgian beer through a successful and globally distributed beer poster, of which several editions were issued. He started a liquor in an old factory on the Coupure. This trade was later under their own flag, separate from the cafe.

In Hopduvel were about 250 beers on the map. But a Pilsner "tvat you could not get it. The cafe was all books and guides for beer lovers, but also for tourists included. Beer connoisseurs and even beer Pope Michael Jackson arrived a beer.


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