Le Tavern Sous-bock: a Paris beer bar
  Posted by SteveG on 03/20/2005 09:27:35 PM
My second favorite of the 3 Paris beer bars I visited, Sous-bock, had the best actual bar (in terms of length and depth) and the friendliest staff. Funny thing about it was I thought it looked like a French bar trying to be an American bar. The decor consists of brickface on the lower half of the walls, the upper half adorned with bright red paint. I felt like I was in a Soho head banger bar! A DJ booth was up front and most of the time we were there we were listening to VH1. Good urban feel but I've never been crazy about the idea of flying to Europe then spending time in a place that felt like it was back home. It also had a good-sized back room. The bathroom had a couple copies of the Team America (the second South Park film) poster!

The food menu was a little limited, lots of mussels though. I ended up getting fish and chips which I have to say were unusual in flavor and really great. They went nicely with my Rodenbach Grand Cru, thought it was a pretty skitzo experience drinking a Belgian beer and eating a British dish in a US-looking bar located in France! A delightful meal though, very casual and delicious.

The beer menu was of great consequence, very extensive. There was very little Belgian beer there I would not normally have access to. Bourgogne de Flanders was the only thing approaching a mystery, it was OK but not a very deep beer with molasses as the dominent flavor. So I switched to French beers, there was an extensive selection, though picking one was like throwing darts blindfolded. The selections made worked out though:

La Nonnette Triple Grain - dark, transluscent, taste similar to a pub stout.

Cap D'ona Blonde - aroma was floral, reminded me of pancakes. Tasted floral and of honey with a cakey maltiness. Favorite French beer so far.

The VH1 started getting old so we did not stay here as long as me might have, and I was thirstier for more of a feel for Paris than another beer. Thus ends the tale. Bottom line, 20ish taps, a few nice ones but 3 were Bucasse lambics. A nice long bar you can spend time at, a great line up of bottles, casual but very nice dining, good but not all that Paris feeling in atmosphere.

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