Paris beer pubs: La Gueuze
  Posted by SteveG on 03/17/2005 03:59:50 PM
May as well start with the easiest one. Given our plans I figured one beer bar a day was about what could be squeezed in. The biggest dissapointment was La Gueuze at 19, rue Soufflot. Not a terrible bar by any means, it could be argued that it was the best looking of the bunch (though not by me). It was the roomiest with a large back room and a stained glass sorta thing going on. Not bursting with character but an attractive place. The bar was pretty small, it was not the kind that looked much fun to sit around so I went for a table. The tables were neat looking by the way, they had a very old but polished look. The place was nearly empty, it was later in the afternoon though. The other bars visited during a similar time were all more populated, but not by a lot. I think I picked a generally less active hour.

I had hoped though the beer menu was what would have really set this one apart. It did a little, it was the only of the 3 beer bars I visited that had Cantillon (only the gueuze). So in lambic terms it was a little better than the rest but not by much - and it was not quite on par with Le Grain d'Orge (though this is a restaurant and not a bar). To be fair, I did not pay a huge amount of time looking at non-lambic beers, the name of the place got me very focused before I even walked in. But in general terms the scope of selection was definately the smallest of the bunch. The Bucasse that was everywhere was here, as was the Mort Subite and some Leifmans fruit beers. For such a nitch name I was left wondering where the Boon, Giriadin, etc was. When I ordered my first beer - Cantillon Gueuze - Anne asked for a witbier that was on draught. We were served quickly, me my gueuze and Anne a Coke! Oh well, she was a bit beat so we figured it was for the best.

The help was attentive but a bit distant, I stayed for two beers but felt that Paris had far too much to offer to burn up any real time a La Gueuze. If in Paris and in the neighborhood I don't think there is any reason to avoid this bar, it certainly beat any of the casual Brasseries that were everywhere pouring Kronenborg. But I think specifically seeking it out would not be your best use of time.

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