Choose the month and year you want to examine and select "submit". The resulting pages may take a little long to load, but they are reasonable. You can also filter by author. Leave the AUTHOR field blank for all notes, if you fill in the AUTHOR field it will return partial words and it is not case sensitive. So if you look for notes by tom you will find the ones contributed by Tom C. Please keep in mind until October I did not realize deleting messages removed them from the database, I thought they just removed them from display. As a result, October 2000 is the first month that will give you archive returns - and that is only a partial list. But November on seems pretty intact.
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Alternatively you can explore the archives via keyword search. The database containing the history of the BBB is pretty big now-a-days, so be patient waiting for results.




Around Bruges in 80 Beers: 2nd Edition

Around London in 80 Beers

Around Brussels in 80 Beers

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